Girl Crush? Maybe Not.


Jeongyeon has always been known to be the Girl Crush of TWICE but is she really as chic and cool and as tomboyish as what eberyone imagined?? Or is she just like any other girl, soft feminine and cute.


Story of a couple that met by a collab ;)




Disclaimer: Im new to SEVENTEEN so sorry if i did any mistakes to the members perspnalities or what not. 


A collaboration stage. A year end event. A girl that is known for her toughness. But will he find the feminine and soft side of her when she finally opens up?



To all my dear readers. Sorry for not updating since forever. Im sorry as school work was kinda hectic lately and Im trying to work this out. But dont worry. Btw, if you can, maybe you can comment some ideas/scenarios or even tell me more about sevebteen so i can make the story better. Thanks
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