Like the Lotus: The Next Generation


F4's children are growing up and attending Shinwha. Like their fathers before them, the boys rule the school and have created the next F4, and the girls want in on the action. F4's children are as close as real siblings, but what will happen when new feelings arise? Teen drama and angst ensues. Will young love blossom between the kids, and how will their parents react? Part III of the Like the Lotus series.  




This takes place the day after my epilogue from Like the Lotus: The Continuing Story, approximately 22 years after BoF. I really enjoyed writing Like the Lotus and Like the Lotus: The Continuing Story, so much that I was rather sorry to see them end. I ended up enjoying writing about the kids in the epilogue, and I got inspired to write a little spin-off/sequel for them. It will probably be shorter, but who knows...  There will be a lot of the parents in this, too, so you'll get to read a lot about the original BoF characters as parents. 

It helps a lot to have read Like the Lotus and its sequel prior to reading this, but if for some reason you did not/choose not to, or stumbled upon this, you just need to know the following: Jan Di and Ji Hoo are married (those who know of my other stories are not suprised by this). Joon Pyo is married to his business partner, a woman by the name of Alex Lee, who is half-American, half-Korean. Woo Bin is married to a woman named Ji-Hye, who was an arranged marriage and a member of his clan, but they happened to fall in love. And Yi Jeong and Ga Eul are married, of course… ;) And they all have kids! The beginning should explain the rest.

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Chapter 15: Great chapter and it funny to see Yi Jeong panicking about his Eun Jeong with Seoky but he mostly panicking because of the motorcycle.
Ga Eul really has her way of making Yi Jeong listening to her and making him studded and she right that Seoky will never let anything happen to Eun Jeong.
Poor baby byeong Ho it so sad that he has a heart condition and I feel so bad for the So family.
Yi Jeong has every right to be mad because the doctors didn't know what wrong with his son with them performing so many tests on baby Byeong Ho until Ji Hoo took a look at it
Dr. Yu seem to be a great doctor and good that Ji Hoo keeping eye on her
Seoky and Eun Jeong date was cute and Eun Jeong really love Seoky to know about his past girlfriend
I think it good that Eun Jeong ask Seoky about then found out from someone else
Seoky telling her is good too and I think it was good to tell her about Baek Hyeon and his past because Baek Hyeon may try to use Seoky ex against him or have Eun Jeong get mad about it.
Baek Hyeon family problems is not Seoky fault but Baek Hyeon parents fault because his dad is drunken and also abuser and his mom is in denied and can't understand that it was not Baek Hyeon fault that her husband left.
Baek Hyeon is jealous of Seoky happy family.
Double date would have been cute if Seoky didn't go all big brother protective on Mee Yon and preventing her from having fun with Aidan
Eun Jeong has a lot of patient to stand see Seoky going protective on Mee Yon
Seoky finally had enough of see Mee Yon and Aidan getting close and pull Mee Yon away and getting mad at her and Mee Yon tell him to stay out of her business to which Seoky shocked and then tells her he going to tell their appa to which scare Mee Yon
Seoky tell Mee Yon he afraid she get hurt if she get too attached to Aidan and Mee Yon tell him she know
It good that the double date end with them having fun and Eun Jeong asking Seoky to sing Kim Hyun Joong song
wow so Jan Di and Ga Eul like Kim Hyun Joong
Seoky sang I'm Your Man as Aidan sang SS501 Let Me Be The One and Love Ya
Seoky really need to tell Aria that he like her as a friend and nothing more because her feeling for him will grow and it will hurt Eun Jeong more and Yi Jeong will kill Seoky for it if Seoky make Eun Jeong cry because to him Eun Jeong is like younger version of Ga Eul and he hate seening Ga Eul hate.
Mee Yon really love Aidan so much that she remember when she tore her rotation cuff and thankful Ji Hoo did the surgery on her and Jan Di had a sad memory of her losing her ability to swim and Mee Yon still doesn't know the real reason why her mom can't swim anymore
Aidan had to hide in the swimming pool where Mee Yon was in because he had girls chasing him.
Omg Aidan and Mee Yon had a sweet moment and it look like they going to kiss
Can't wait for next chapter
seamusmommy #2
Chapter 15: The So baby...hope they figure out what's wrong and can treat it. No parent should have to go through their baby being sick. As for Seoky, he is the perfect gentleman on his date with EunJeong. Very romantic and sweet, it was the perfect first date and only a little F4ish. Just missing fireworks and a serenade ;) The double date...*sighs* Seoky is lucky he has an understanding girlfriend. I'd be really ticked if I were her. That ending! ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘ She's only 14! If Seoky were around I'm sure he would have finished off drowning him. And know she's going to say something to EunJeong...I don't like her one bit. Send them back to the U.S. please.
liSSie #3
Seoky is charming one second and super annoying on the next one. I guess he's just being the protective brother. Good thing he let MeeYon enjoy the rest of their date. I wanna ship her and Aidan but i don't like Aria causing any problem between Seoky and Eun Jeong. Although he promised his sister to not tell Jihoo entirely about what hAppened during the date, how do you think Jihoo or Jandi for that matter will react if and when they learn about it..
Chapter 14: Jan Di will make a big deal for seoky because he always be Jan Di baby
Seoky turn down the birthday gift from girls but it remind me of when Yi Jeong got valentine day gift
Mi na n baek hyeon asking for trouble to hurt the f4 kids
F4 r not someone to mess with especially yi jeong n woo bin
Aria is in love with seoky even though she denies it
Seoky got motorcycle n had a talk with grandfather
Seoky n eun jeong date is cute
Cant wait to see wt happen next n i might know who help eun jeong with mi na n baek hyeon
Thank u for the birthday wishes
seamusmommy #5
Chapter 14: Grrr...too short! That said. ..I give the F4 adults credit for not embarrassing the kid. I'm still surprised JanDi agreed to a motorcycle. Loved Harabeoji and Seoky!! I'm really worried about Mina and BaekHyeon. And Aria. just had to try and get your digs in? Can we ship her and her brother back to the US? Now, why are Seoky and Mee Yong going to get angry at each other? Probably has something to do with Aiden. Lol
liSSie #6
Chapter 14: I get to be the first one to comment! Thanks for the birthday greeting. Loved all the F4 kids especially the Yoon children (been a Yoon Jihoo fan since BOF). Love that you can see parts of the parents in these next gen kids and how they are being brought up. Now that you have updated this, I'll be "pestering" you to update your other stories..
Chapter 13: So sweet. Loved this chapter so much. Cant wait to see how the party plays out!
seamusmommy #8
Chapter 13: I couldn't wait to finish, I got a ride in this morning and wasn't able to finish it until now. Yes, a lot going on but that's okay. I missed this family. "What teenage daughter wants to hear how good looking their dad is?" LOL...yes, I can see how that would grate upon you after a while but MeeYon, it's better than the alternative. At least he's not quite the living statue anymore, thanks to your Mom. Seoky...teaser! Work that magic to get YiJeong to trust you on the motorcycle. It's better than a car, how much trouble can you get into on a two-wheeler, right? I see he has an emotional/impulsive side like his Mom, he's not always perfectly in control. It sneaks out on him every now and then. I don't like the Aidan & MeeYon thing...she's too young. I do love Seoky: Parent's are supposed to tell their kids what to do! LOL. Ummm....remember that when you're on the receiving end of being told what to do, Seoky. This double date is going to be interesting, LOL. Wait! That's not fair to Seoky & EunJeong. Actually, it's not fair to EunJeong, Seoky's not going to pay any attention to her because he'll be too busy trying to bust Aiden for doing ANYthing inappropriate with his sister. I don't like this idea at all, Yoon parents. I do like Aiden and thank you, Aiden for trying to talk sense into your sister, but I just don't want him in a romantic relationship with our little MeeYon. I don't know if it was just me, but the conversation between HaJoon & Jihoo felt so formal and a little stiff. Maybe because of HaJoon's age? being older. He's not studying in Korea, right now? Right? He came home for a brief visit in the previous chapters. Anyway I want more!!!
Chapter 13: Wow great chapter and we see over protected brother Seok-Young protect Mee-Yon from getting hurt
Aidan and Aria are now going to Shinhwa and school going crazy with them and F4 children
Eun-Jeong is jealous of Aria because Aria still too close to Seok-Young
Seok-Young invite Eun-Jeong to his birthday party so that he can take her out on their first date in motorcycle which Seok-Young going to try to convince Yi Jeong but Yi Jeong is going to flip
Mi Na is playing with fire if she think she can get away with hurting Eun-Jeong with out facing the F4 wrath and she more crazy to think that Yi Jeong is going to let her hurt his daughter without any consequences
Eun-Jeong meet Seok-Young rival Kang Baek Heyon and Baek Hyeon is super competitive so that why Seok-Young told Baek Hyeon that Eun-Jeong is friend and not girlfriend because he know that Beak Hyeon will try to take Eun-Jeong away from him
Mee-Yon and Aidan have a sweet moment too bad that Seok-Young is not liking it
Aidan know that Aria like Seok-Young but he right that Seok-Young already has a girlfriend but Aria pretending that she doesn't like Seok-Young
Ha-Joon is getting marry and told Ji Hoo and Ji Hoo was happy for hi and Ha-Joon want to tell the rest of the family
Aidan finally ask Ji Hoo if he can take Yee-Mon on a date and Ji Hoo was surprise but he told Aidan that he think about it and Yee-Mon saw Aidan leaving her father study and she hurt the last conversation and told her dad that she want to go on date with Aidan know full well that she could get hurt but she willing to take the risk
Seok-Young is not too happy with it and doesn't want Yee-Mon to go at all and if he could he lock up his own sister
Ji Hoo and Jan Di talk and Jan Di was happy that Aidan want to date Mee-Yon and Ji Hoo still wonder what to do and he want to take a vacation with the whole family
Ji Hoo finally let Yee-Mon go on a date with Aidan with one condition that Seok-Young and Eun-Jeong go with them basically Ji Hoo want Seok-Young to be his eyes
Can't wait for the birthday party and can't wait to see Mi Na going down for try to hurt Eun-Jeong and can't wait to see soeul moment
Racheal_yue #10
Update soon pls