My strongest cardio


Life is so compition the storngest alive ....i was born in little town in rural area i when too school since i was 6 year one at elementry school i mate alot mate .
 i have a lot friend as boy moreover i like boy staff like other girl love doll but i'm diffrent i like robot and another mecanical staff i love matching football 
match think that girl don't like .
 Since i was a kid i don't like wearing make up like another girl it continue that behavior won't change now i grow up i'm 17 year old i was secondary school and on 
 my jurnal school satrt soon as soon .
on my vacation now, i take an extra class at at school. now a day i have girl as friend and she my best friend  we are very diifrent but bestfriend 
she was very girly love make up staff pain nail those thing is my weakness and i don't like it .
extra class was start and i met alot of stranger whoese join us.......................

Soon Releaste


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