Next Gen Magicians

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When century old mages start to resurface to enslave humanity, a new group of magicians must arise to protect the Earth. Join Taeyeon and friends on a quest to rediscover the ancient arts of magic and stop the Emerald Dragon Cultists. 

Its a silly story, that'll mix drama, action, and romance all into one. Also it seems like it'll probably be a really long story, so be prepared for some breaks so i can reevaluate the story every so often :D and feel free to tell me if i should add anything or change names of some characters since some characters will be named by me.


Also note that the prelude is optional to read. the prelude is mainly there to give some context on what happened when magic was used centuries ago and why it isnt used much until now. :D

Hey there my dear subs :) if any of you are interested i've already begun my new story that comes after this one :D here is the link:

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Margareth 1 points #1
Chapter 82: This story was bomb, binge read it and damn i was so amazed with how well it was written. looking forward to the new story author! you did a really good job on this one. thank you!
Si11y1804 1 points #2
Chapter 82: Thanks for completing it... looking forward to the creation of the continuation of the story~~~
kjmx09 1 points #3
Chapter 81: Hope you make a sequel in the future of this.
252 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 81: I'll definitely look up for it too authourssi
252 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 81: Yeah I thought its the end too when I first saw the title hehehe it's getting exciting authourssi
cht180 1 points #6
Chapter 81: Loved your story! Waiting for the next one! <3
kjmx09 1 points #7
Chapter 80: Taeyeon don't you dare sacrifice yourself! I hope they fight the thing.
252 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 80: Waaaa where is the next button my thumb is etching to press it hahaha.... excited for the next chap :D
kjmx09 1 points #9
Chapter 79: You had to end off the chapter like that? Was it a cliffhanger? A bit confused?
kjmx09 1 points #10
Chapter 78: Well, all I can say is that things are getting more interesting.