They said goodbye to fire.

Now they deal with ice.


When Yoongi was turned from a dragon into a human, he wanted to return to his beast form.

Now Namjoon has been turned into a dragon, but he desperately wants to be turned back into a human.

So he will seek a suitable heir to inherit the dragon power from him, despite a great many attempts his friends have tried to stop him.

Will he succeed?


Not the kind of Namjin you expect...



Part 2 of Ablaze

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"I can't swim," Jimin says loudly, standing by the bank of the lake. "I may look like I know what I'm doing but the truth is I'm not that perfect."

"Jimin, that's enough. It's dangerous to stand there."

"I don't care, Yoongi. I'll do whatever I want. I'm not afraid."

"If you fall, I can't help you. I don't know how to swim either."

"Well, then," Jimin smirks. He spreads his arms to the side as if he's about to fly. And before he falls, he says, "Watch me die."

"Jimin!" Jimin disappears into the dark water.

Seconds pass by painstakingly slow as Yoongi waits for the other boy to pop back up. But he doesn't. Yoongi dash to the bank. The surface has already calmed as if Jimin hasn't just jumped in earlier. Yoongi searches, but he sees nothing. His heart pounds against his chest.

"Jimin!!" He yells. At his call, a creature so giant it's like a ship explodes out of the water. In its embrace is an unconscious Jimin. The creature slithers its way past Yoongi.

The former dragon freezes in his spot.

He hears a thud, some bone cracking sound, a groan, and then a cough. He turns, and there he is.


A smirk slowly creeps its way to Yoongi's lips.

Jimin giggles to himself, slowly sits up from the ground. He seems okay, unharmed.

Namjoon looks between the two boys back and forth, and then he cusses at the realization.

"What the , guys?"




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Hi beautiful readers~! Just wanna let you know that updates will be much slower than usual but I promise I will update until the end. Thanks for being patient <3

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1 points #1
Chapter 32: "I might have watched How To Train Your Dragon a few dozen times."
I'm crying. Somebody make it stop.God I watched that show too and I'm not embarrassed enough to not admit it :'( all I need is a dragon now and I can teach it I swear!
I love Ami tbh, her character is so real, like so relatable, you know like someone who has experienced and seen enough that she doesn't get too bothered but still hold everything and lives in those small moments.
And yay Namjoon confesses, to the real Jin, like the one who was inside him all this time, the death, you get the point lol
and honestly that was twist, I thought Yoongi would somehow use his powers one last time but it will be villains of the last part and that too to help heroes of first part! now how about that?
This fic needs more love honestly, and I'm willing to help it get advertise whenever, just let me know.
kulitlang08 224 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 32: OMG!!! thank you for a wonderful update...this is really nice...taekook feels the bond they have with sugamon...

that namjin moment...and jimin and grandmother scene...hehehe... :)

looking forward for the next update... :)
LinzChan #3
Chapter 31: Waaaah!!!!!! I’m excited! ???
What is Chaeyong planning?????

Yes jimin you are spring boy ?
1 points #4
Chapter 31: I really need a revision of first season because i seem to have forgootten a lot!
and wait does that mean Hoseok is fire dragon now?
and death or well Jin seems so lost in game, dude i wonder if you realize you also have become part of the game now and not just the outside eye or else you wouldn't jump to save joon, who by the way is more capable then anybody else to save himself!
kulitlang08 224 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 31: OMG an update!!!! this is really getting interesting!!! is this because hoseok, chaeyong and jimin are siblings??? but yoongi is technically their sibling as well...since the four of them had the same mom...

anyway...what will happen next??? i am really excited!!! :)

looking forward for the next update... :)
kulitlang08 224 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 30: oh boy!!! good thing grandma survived!!! i love her...she really did find a way to remove the anklet...

namjoon is just emotional!!! i understand how he feels...anyway...jin...i mean are so brave to tell him the truth...

a little bit of yoonmin there... :)

please stay safe everyone...
1 points #7
Chapter 30: and here I thought grandma loves ancient dragon but she is after his blood, maybe she does love him but still think it's time and what's big bad dragon's deal anyway? why is he like that?
Namjoon is just so confused and I can't blame him, Jin being death is like saying his whole life is a lie. idk this is getting too complicated and I wonder what sacrifice awaits for all of them~
1 points #8
Chapter 29: why serpent lady thinks Namjoon is going to get himself killed?
if Namjoon is going to get himself killed when he is a Dragon then who on earth is even capable of stepping out?
And I'm guessing grandma is ancient's ex-lover or something? he tied her to himself via curse? I wonder if all he wanted was just power, could it be he wanted an eternity with her?
kulitlang08 224 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 29: wow...that was some scene...grandma...what are you doing??? are you even grandma??? is the ancient one that desperate and trying to post as Z's grandma??? that is some twisted thing...

namjoon please don't do something out of impulse...that thing really wants you dead...please be careful...

looking forward for the next update...(i wish you get to have a trailer for this fic too, like the one you have for ablaze..hehehe...)
chika1611 1 points #10
Chapter 29: I'm seriously becoming a fan of mon now. that fish seriously can't stop me cracking over his bubble bubble language XDDDD
and you know what's more funny? I imagine mon like magikarp from pokemon lmao XDDDD