An ad shop that is sure to get your story out there! We only advertise your story to those who read that genre and type, so your karma doesn't get wasted and you get the most out of it. 


This shop is for everyone who wants to get their fic out there. To get most punch for your price, we do everything we can. A list of rules and prices down below!


1)PM me for requests only

2)Credit half of the karma first, then comment

3)Cancellations only if your fic name and username have "pending" after it 

4)Give the last half of karma when I begin your request

Failing to meet these rules will result in blacklisting from this shop.


10 Walls+ 1 sub to story- 15 Karma points

20 Walls+ 2 subs to stories - 25 Karma points

30 Walls+ 3 subs to stories - 35 Karma points

............ etc ..........

100 Walls+ 10 subs and 2 upvotes- 100 points 

150 Walls+ 15 subs and 3 upvotes- 150 points

200 Walls+ 20 subs and 4 upvotes- 195 points


*If you do not have enough stories for me to sub or upvote to, they will be reserved at request for future stories. If you do not request by one week of purchase, they will be invalidated

(For larger requests, please pm me) 



If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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I have another request again, i'll dm you.