The University Heartbreaker

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Hanbin < / 3 Jiwoo


It is back! Sequel to The High School Tyrant

[Heartbreaker 06.02.17] Errbody, when I thought to use the '< / 3' sign, I didn't know I would get such strong reactions...I love it


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Chapter 21: Wow this chapter got me. Thanks for writing this one
Yumie97 0 points #2
Chapter 21: The sweetnessss overloaddd
Chapter 21: i died at the last sentence of this story
Chapter 21: I'm crying at Bobby's cold demeanor. I want someone like Bobby, not beating around the bush and go straight to the point. I'm actually hoping to see more Bobby in your fic or alternate story of university heartbreaker but I don't think it will come out too strong. so instead, I'm begging you to write a Bobby story if you have spare time :')

thank you for this short yet lovely ending!
Chapter 21: omg!!! bobby and suah would be great!!! i love how interesting bobby's character was! though i have to admit that both suah and sanghee seemed a bit insensitive towards jiwoo during the earlier chapters as they were forcing her to get back with hanbin even though she already said that she was really hurt by their breakup, but i guess they really know whats best for jiwoo, which is being with hanbin. love the ending as i was also wondering when will bobby get a girl of his own, a girl just right for his character, and suah would be perfect! thanks for the amazing story!!
Chapter 21: urghhhh the kind of flirtatious banter i enjoy
Chapter 21: Omg! Unexpected ending. Love it!!!! Awesome story
sawamura #8
Chapter 21: This ending make me wonder, maybe younwould make suah bobby story? Their remarks on each other is so refreshing, i love this chapter a lot... thank you for this ?
wallflower_ #9
Chapter 21: Awesome ending <3
MiddleJADED #10
Chapter 21: Nice wrap up tho