Cotton candy


Because I'm a hardcore shipper of Neo.

and we all need some neo's fluff in our life -

I have another chapter for cotton candy ready to be posted. But I dunno If I should post it right now or wait for another two or three days or next week or what... I seriously don't know. What do you guys think?

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zulilala 24 streak #1
Chapter 12: My NEO ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Author-nim, I need more chapters of this cute story
anarisss #2
Chapter 12: OMG........aaaawwww ....this is sooooo sweet, thanks you so much author nim. i love it and i enjoy reading it. i give so much energy from this chap, neo is so lovelyyyyyyyy.
Dulanga #3
Chapter 12: My neo heart ❤ This is so sweet. Please write more authornim...
chiiyeoji #4
Chapter 12: my neo feel~~~♡
hakyeon and taekwoon had a date yesterday
thankyou for always make beautiful story of them
chiiyeoji #5
Chapter 11: this is sooo fluffy and cute><
I love neo sooo much
szchaha #6
Chapter 11: Asjdjsjsks. That was so romantic plus listening to aoa's under the street light intensifies the mood *grinning from ear-to-ear
anarisss #7
Chapter 11: it's lovely. i really like the scene that leo caught N and didn't let him run away.thanks for update.
Chapter 10: T-T good, so good
Dulanga #9
Chapter 8: This one is so sweet. Write more authornim
anarisss #10
Chapter 10: was so emotional.thanks for this chap