Life is a Grade A B*tch

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Park Jimin knows he's in deep because of the following ten reasons:



  1. He got a crush

  2. His crush is a guy

  3. This crush has been going on for 2 agonising years

  4. His crush is Min Yoongi

  5. Min Yoongi is Taehyung's cousin

  6. Taehyung is his best friend

  7. Taehyung is an idiot who is very much against anyone frolicking over his cousin

  8. Did he say his crush is Min Yoongi?

  9. Min Yoongi is blunt, cold and doesn't give a ing cent about anyone or anything (or just life in general)

  10. Jimin is sure that his feeling for Yoongi was more than just a crush


So buckle your seatbelt and make yourself comfortable because as Mark from NCT would say "it's going to be a long ride" (maybe he didn't say that entirely, but you get the point). 



You thought I was gone with the final chapter of Under the Same Roof aye?

Well, sweetheart, I am back with a spinoff/prequel to Under the Same Roof. So if you've just stumbled onto this by accident, DO NOT WORRY! you can still read this.

This will focus on Yoonmin more than Vkook, but there is still Vkook because I'll be damned if I don't include them. Namjin is in here too because they're too adorable for my poor heart to leave out. Hoseok is the wise single man in this story again. I will try to update this to the best of my ability so do not bug me about quick updates (I have a life outside my room too.)

A Special Thank You to Shirotakashi from Mango Graphic shop for the wonderful poster :D


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Defector97 #1
Chapter 3: I like the story . Please update faster
hiltzailea #2
Chapter 3: Yoonmin! Namjin! Moments haha
Chapter 3: Loving it tooooo much, I love all your stories and just looking forward to your updates, update soon ^_^
Chapter 3: This is a really good story! I hope you update soon!
ThebombKat #5
Chapter 3: Wow though just wow no words just wow.. wow
BlinkingARMY #6
Chapter 2: I needed a dose of fluff today...AND HERE IT IS EVERYONE WHOOO
Chapter 2: Finally an update! I love this fanfic~ Yoongi's so fluffy w/ Holly *FLUFFY* can't wait for the next update authornim~ YOONMIN ALL THE WAYYYYYYY ❤️❤️❤️
ClearNoiz #8
Chapter 2: This has made my day, and I'm laughing so hard because Yoongi and Jimin are just running in circles. It's cute tho. Btw, I came here after reading Under the Same Roof (I loved it), and good luck with your exams! I'm about to finish mine, but I feel you.
Chapter 2: ITS HERE! WE ARE BLESSED WITH AN AMAZING UPDATE! Great character, please update again soon!
Vic2127 #10
Chapter 1: Love this fanfic! You are awesome