Love:Kpop Oneshots [Open Batch 3,9 slots,hiring]

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  • [CONTENTID1]Kpop Oneshots [/CONTENTID1][CONTENTID2]Welcome to Love:Kpop Oneshot. We're here to make one-shots for your favourite couple/ships.Feel free to request your couples for oneshots. This also include actors, actress and OC. Karma as a payment since being an author is not easy y'know.^^

Rules :

1- Subscribe is a must. Upvote is optional.

2- Comment or Pm me about your pairing that you wanted.You can suggest the plot and genre you wanted or I'll just do it in with my own idea but it may take longer since I need to brainstorm ideas.

3.I don't tolerate with rude people. I can finish a one shot in a few days but probably just a few hours if it's not complicated.

3. One person only can request for 1 oneshot at a time.

5. People who upvoted will get a vip pass for a   month which mean his/her oneshot will be done first and still can request although the request is close

6. Please comment after you read your requested oneshot. I don't want to feel like my work wasn't appreciated.

7.Please don't make me do , i can't xD.

8. Oneshot : 5kp

    Scenario : 3 kp

9. Form:

Pairing : (Etc: OC×Taehyung)

Request : Oneshot or Scenario

Genre prefered : ( can write more than one)

Ending : (sad,happy)

Plot : ( can leave blank)


1. Pm or comment if you want you want to apply as a writer.

2.Send me one or of your fanfics.

3. Writing is just for fun.


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Batch 2


Chapter 12 :  Chen × Yumi OC (exo)

Chapter 13 : Namjoon × OC (bts)

Chapter 14 : JB × Yumi OC (got7)

Chapter 15 : Eunwoo x OC (astro)

Chapter 16 : Taehyung × OC (bts)

Chapter 17:Seulgi × OC (rv)

Chapter 18 : Wonwoo × Eunha (7tn×g)

Chapter 19 : Chanyeol × OC (exo)

Chapter 20 : Wonwoo × Hayoung (7tn×apink)

Chapter 21 :Mark × Ara (got7)


Chapter 23 : Yeri × OC (Rv)

Batch 3 :

Chapter 24 :Ravi × OC (VIXX)

Chapter 25 :

Chapter 26 :

Chapter 27 :

Chapter 28 :

Chapter 29 :

Chapter 30 :

Chapter 31 :

Chapter 32 :


A/n : If anyone wants to be one of the writers here you can comment. 


SMTownR : Expirery date : 11.7.17

CocoMina : Expirery date : 18.7.17

amusingmurdermachine : Expiry date : 21.7.17

 TatieyEXO : Expiry date : 25.7.17

Wonwoohayoung07 :Expiry date : 27.7.17

NaChoYoung: Expiry date :1.8.17



[CONTENTID3]Update : Batch 3 is open.[/CONTENTID3]

Batch 3 is open!!
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