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Park Jimin, a soft-hearted and gentle boy that everybody knows suddenly can change in blink of an eye into a rude, hot-blooded person. His friend Kim Taehyung, finds it ridiculous and he is curious, until he knows that his dearest best buddy is not 'lonely'. He has a company in his small figure and her name is Rose, a girl that had been staying and borrowing Jimin's body since he was 7 years old, according to what Rose said after the bullying scene that makes Taehyung confused as hell. Secrets have been revealed and that is how both of them became friends. They talk everytime Jimin went to 'sleep' and time passes, Taehyung realised he had grown fond towards the harsh and rude one. While the soft and gentle one is lingered with jealousy and Rose,being part of Jimin, knows Jimin well. What he do, what he said, what he thinks and what he feels. She knows all of it. And of course, she also obviously know what Jimin feels towards Taehyung.

Day by day, Jimin and Rose almost become a same person and it makes Taehyung confuse. 

One by one things happened, 
one by one problem solved.. 
What will happen to them?





Starring ;


Park Jimin




Kim Taehyung


Jeon Jungkook





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Chapter 3: Woahhh!! Jungkook is the lost soul!!
And jimin was very special..he can see soul O.O
Vmin sleeping together (in innocent way)..hahaha love it. <3
Namjoon,hobi,and yoongi was soo cool..yeah..D to the E to the A to the D..(really Agust D style~)
beat that ,bangtan
Chapter 2: Thank you soo much!! I really wait for you to update ^^
Who is jungkook? Why he is soo mysterious? How did he know about jisoo?! OMG!! And with that smile when he saw jisoo..aish your plot is the best! You make me want more <3
Poor jimin..why he was soo weak? I mean he sleep a lot..jisoo,please make jimin and tae confess their feelings ~
I really really love this story! Hope you can make it until 100th chapter!( i know it is ridiculous but that just show how much i love my Vmin and i hope you can explain all the unresolved story)
Hope in the future, jimin will meet his jin hyung too
Chapter 1: OMG!!! The best ever!! Your plot was very fresh and it remind me a little at KILL ME HEAL ME Kdrama ^^ i love that drama soo much <3
Please update soon~ i literally died of curiousity right now..and please promise that this story will be Vmin ending, bcoz if not i'll cry ~_~
Thank you soo much and i love you <3 <3
Miki112 #4
Chapter 1: update please I can't wait to read it