Summer Lovin at the Beach

I Came Here on a Date with My Girlfriend, But I Found Myself Falling For You Instead

AN: This came to me in a dream. So if some parts don't make sense, that's why.

Un-beta'd so it's probably full of mistakes. I apologize in advance

Hope you enjoy!




When Seulgi asked her girlfriend to go to the beach with her, this was not what she imagined.


She wrapped her arms around Krystal’s exposed waist as they walked through the beach, looking for a spot to sit, only for Krystal to slap her hand away.


“What was that for?” Seulgi pouted, rubbing her hand.


Krystal shot Seulgi a glare from under her sunglasses. “We’re in public,” she hissed.


“So?” Seulgi asked. “No one that we know is here!” Seulgi complained. “I thought you said we don’t have to hide anymore,” Seulgi asked sadly, as memories of Krystal avoiding her at school came to mind.


“Yeah, but people are staring,” Krystal interjected.




The glare from Krystal shut her up.  From the look in Krystal’s eyes, Seulgi knew there was no more arguing. Seulgi sighed, letting her hand dangle awkwardly by her side.


That’s how the two of them ended up sitting here on the beach, sitting as far away from each other as they could on the tiny towel in order to avoid each other in silence. Krystal stared out towards the sea with crossed arms, adamant on not speaking to Seulgi.


Seulgi bit back her frustration and eyed the happy couples around the beach.


‘If only we could be like them.’


“Do you girls wanna join us for a game of volleyball?”


Seulgi looked up to see a muscular lean guy with a pretty face that even Seulgi would have swooned were she not already taken and well, gay. It didn’t help that the guy seemed to be checking her girlfriend out right in front of her.


Indignant and a little territorial, Seulgi declined the invitation. “Sorry, but my girl-”


“We’d love to!” Krystal piped up suddenly from next to her. Ignoring the look Seulgi was shooting her, Krystal took the guy’s hand and ran towards the volleyball net.


“Never mind then,” Seulgi muttered as she got up, dusted off the sand, and followed her so called girlfriend.


“Perfect. My name is Kai,” the boy from earlier introduced himself. “These are my friends, Irene, Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Sehun.” He went through the introductions so quickly, Seulgi didn’t catch onto a single one except for the name of the one girl in their group. Her eyes briefly met Irene’s and Seulgi was taken aback at how pretty the girl was.  


The girl was wearing a bikini top and jean shorts that showed off her perfect figure. Her hair was long and pretty, but the most breathtaking part about the girl was her face. She was absolutely gorgeous.


“I’m Krystal, and this is Seulgi,” Krystal introduced the two of them, making Seulgi break eye contact with Irene. Seulgi merely nodded, eyeing the way Kai was very clearly checking out her girlfriend and the way Krystal clearly didn’t mind the attention.


The guys were all shirtless, perfect abs on full display. Seulgi frowned in distaste as Krystal’s eyes seemed to linger too long on Kai’s. Seulgi glanced down at her own abs, which were on display thanks to her favorite white crop top.


“Perfect. It’ll be you, me, your friend and Sehun here on one team. And Irene, Suho, Chanyeol and Baekhyun on the other,” Kai announced as they got into position.


Seulgi eyed her girlfriend, who was being taught the basics of beach volleyball by Kai. In the four years Seulgi knew Krystal, Krystal had never been one for sports. Funny how a hot guy comes along and all of a sudden, she’s a volleyball enthusiast.


Sighing, Seulgi fought to keep her feelings at bay. She hated appearing needy and jealous  in front of Krystal. It didn’t help that Krystal always hid their relationship in public.


Instead of thinking about how close Krystal was getting to Kai, Seulgi decided to focus on the game. It was easier to pretend than to make a scene and confront Krystal.


Krystal, as Seulgi predicted, was terrible at the game. But no one seemed to mind, especially Kai. He would always shoot her a smile and pat her on the back with a low “good job,” or “that was so close!”


Seulgi huffed at the sight. She grabbed the volleyball, as it was her turn to serve, and executed a jump serve.


“Woahhh!” the boys exclaimed as the ball landed cleanly on the other side, too fast for anyone to react. Even Irene was smiling at her with an astonished grin. Everyone started jumping around, excited to either be on Seulgi’s team or to be able to play against Seulgi.

Everyone, except Krystal.


She didn’t give Seulgi a second glance.


Eventually, it was the other team’s serve. Irene served the ball, and it flew towards Krystal’s direction.


“I got it!” Krystal shouted cheerfully as she held her arms out, ready to receive it. Seulgi could only watch with a wince as Krystal miscalculated the trajectory and the ball ended up smacking right into Krystal’s face. The girl immediately fell on her , crying in pain.


“Oh my gosh, are you okay?” Seulgi rushed forward immediately, fully intending to help her girlfriend up when Kai appeared, offering his hand. Krystal, without even glancing at Seulgi’s outstretched hand, reached for Kai’s.


Seulgi dropped her hand, embarrassed, hurt, and and a little angry.


Seulgi couldn’t do anything but watch as Kai pulled Krystal to her feet, even playfully patting her to get the sand off.


Fighting back tears, Seulgi prayed that no one could tell she was about to cry.


If anyone asked, she would’ve blamed it on the bright sun, or pretend to have sand in her eyes.


Thankfully, the boys were too dense and having too much fun to notice the pain in Seulgi’s eyes. Seulgi however, also didn’t notice one pair of eyes that gazed at her worriedly.




Seulgi proved to be quite the natural at beach volleyball. Whether she always had the skill, or whether it was the anger and frustration of seeing Krystal flirt with someone else right in front of her that made her jump a little higher and hit a little harder, Seulgi didn’t know. She didn’t want to think about it.


It was down to the match point and her team was winning. The other team served the ball, which Sehun received poorly, causing it to go flying way above the court. Seulgi, sensing the opportunity, immediately jumped and spiked the ball to the other side.


“We win!” Kai immediately shouted, throwing his hands in the air before Krystal joined him in celebration by jumping into his embrace and soon they were twirling around like, well, like lovers.


‘I won, but it feels like I lost,’ Seulgi thought to herself solemnly. She didn’t notice someone approaching her.


“You’re really good.”


Seulgi looked up to see Irene smiling at her. Seulgi smiled as a sign of thanks before looking at the girl’s arms and furrowing her eyebrows in guilt. Her forearms was bright red, and Seulgi had a feeling she knew why. Seulgi had hit quite a few hard balls during the match and Irene happened to be on the receiving end of some of those hits.


“Sorry,” Seulgi apologized sheepishly, quietly scolding herself for not controlling her anger and hurting an innocent person.


Irene looked down at her arms, wondering what Seulgi was apologizing for before coming to a realization. “Ah, no worries.” Irene waved it off. “You hit harder than the boys though. I was surprised.”


Seulgi blushed, feeling flustered. “Sorry,” she weakly apologized again.


Irene waved it off with a good natured grin. “No worries. You’re really good at beach volleyball though. Do you play?” Irene inquired as she stepped closer towards Seulgi.


Seulgi shook her head, eyes still lingering on Irene’s arms in worry. “No. I used to do archery though.”


Irene smiled at how adorable this girl was. She was clearly still worried about Irene even though it really was no big deal. “Ah, so you’re naturally athletic,” Irene commented and couldn’t help but lower her gaze until they rested onto Seulgi’s abs, before immediately looking back up, hoping she didn’t get caught.


Thankfully, it seemed she didn’t get caught, as Seulgi was too busy staring at her friend, Krystal.




Seulgi thought she must have really bad luck.


After the volleyball game she hoped that she and Krystal would finally be able to hang out alone, but here she was, watching her girlfriend as she ran around the beach playing some version of tag with Kai .


“Is this seat taken?”


Seulgi looked up from her spot under the giant beach umbrella and took off her sunglasses.


It was the pretty girl from before. Irene.


Seulgi shook her head and turned away when Irene smiled gratefully at her.


“Not one for the sun?” Irene asked as she settled down on the towel next to Seulgi. To Seulgi, the once giant beach towel seemed a lot smaller all of a sudden. Intimidated by Irene’s beauty, Seulgi tried to discreetly scoot further away from the girl, which did not go unnoticed by Irene.


Seulgi shook her head in answer, eyes still watching Krystal who was now trapped in the arms of the guy, laughing as she splashed him with water.


Irene noticed Seulgi staring. “Your girlfriend?”


Seulgi whipped her head around, eyes wide with surprise. “How'd you know?”


Irene shrugged. “The way you look at her.”


Seulgi slumped into the sand. Her fingers poked the loose grains that got onto the towel.


“We've been dating for two months now,” Seulgi confessed.


Irene stayed silent as she observed Seulgi’s demeanor. “She's not out, is she?” she concluded.


“No,” Seulgi confirmed after a moment of silence. “She's not.”


“Does she have feelings for you?” Irene asked, rummaging through her bag for something.


Seulgi shrugged. “I thought she did but now…” Seulgi eyed Krystal who looked like she was having the time of her life without her. “I'm not so sure,” she admitted weakly.


She sounded so devastated Irene could only offer a weak smile and a pat on her back.


The two continued talking, with Seulgi opening up her heart to Irene, who tried her best to cheer her up. Eventually, Seulgi found herself laughing at Irene’s silly antics and for a few seconds, forgot about Kai and Krystal.


“Help me put on sunscreen?” Irene asked all of a sudden, smiling as she brought the bottle of sunscreen to view. “I need a second coat.”


Seulgi glanced at Irene, then to the bottle of sunscreen, then to Krystal, then back to Irene, then -


“Oh come on. Don't be shy. Here.” Irene pushed the bottle into Seulgi’s hands and lied down on her stomach.


Seulgi gulped as Irene untied the back of her bra, leaving her back completely bare.


‘Stop being so scared, Kang Seulgi. So what if she’s pretty? Krystal's pretty too. Were you scared of Krystal? This is no different.’


However, a small voice in the back of her head reminded her, that yes in fact, she was absolutely terrified of Krystal before they became friends and then girlfriends. 


Fighting back any unwanted thoughts, Seulgi squeezed some sunscreen onto her hand and began to rub it into Irene’s back. They stayed like that in silence, until Seulgi decided to speak up, hoping to mitigate the awkwardness she was feeling.


“So, what about you? Do you have a boyfriend?” Seulgi asked as she tried to distract herself from the smoothness of Irene’s skin.


Irene smirked. “No, but there is this one girl…”


“Oh.” Seulgi’s hands paused on Irene’s back in surprise, before blushing and continuing with what she was doing.


“Yeah, I met her today actually,” Irene continued. “She's really pretty. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw her.”


“Wow,” Seulgi muttered. “She must be really pretty to have impressed you.”


Irene turned around, causing Seulgi to pause, and looked at her with knowing eyes. “She really is.”


Blushing, Seulgi quickly tied Irene’s bikini top back on. “Finished,” she announced.


Irene got up and shot Seulgi a smile. “Thanks. Now it's your turn.”


“Huh?” Irene wanted to laugh at how cute Seulgi looked when flustered.


“Lie down,” Irene insisted. Half stuttering, with a protest on her lips, Seulgi found herself lying down on the towel with Irene hovering over her. She winced as she felt Irene’s hands, cold with sunscreen, touching her back.


“She's also really nice,” Irene continued, and Seulgi had to take a second to remember what they were talking about.


“Oh, you should ask her out then,” Seulgi suggested.


“Really?” Irene mused as her hands continued roaming Seulgi’s back.


“Yeah, I'll help you since you cheered me up,” Seulgi beamed.


Irene chuckled. “You're so adorable,” she beamed causing Seulgi to melt into a blushing mess.


“But I'm serious,” Seulgi pouted. “If you really like her, you should tell her!”


“What if she turns me down?” Irene giggled.


“But you're gorgeous! There's no way anyone would turn you down!” Seulgi exclaimed, raising her voice to prove her sincerity.


“Really?” Irene giggled.


“Really!” Seulgi insisted.


“Okay, fine,” Irene agreed as she finished applying sunscreen to Seulgi’s back and took one last second to admire the view.


“Good. So who is the pretty girl that caught your eye?” Seulgi asked, sitting back up.


“Oh Seulgi,” Irene giggled into her hand.


“What?” Seulgi asked, adorably clueless.


“It's you silly. I like you.”





Seulgi never got to give Irene a reply, not that she had a reply ready. She didn’t know what to think. She still had Krystal but Irene… Everything just seemed to surreal all of a sudden.


Their friends (were they even considered her friends? They'd just met today.) interrupted them at the right moment, complaining about their hunger.


So they all ventured to the boardwalk and sat down in a nice restaurant by the beach. Seulgi tried to talk to Irene, but couldn’t find the chance for them to talk alone.


As Seulgi sat across from Irene during dinner with Krystal to her right, she couldn’t help but blush every time Irene caught her eye and sent her a coy smile.


‘What am I going to do?’ Seulgi thought, not noticing the way Krystal was staring at her.

And maybe, just maybe, Seulgi might have feelings for Irene too.


After dinner, they went back to the beach. The beach was hosting a small bonfire and dance.


As the DJ played a slow song, Seulgi glanced to her left, hoping to ask Krystal for a slow dance, but Kai beat her to it.


Feeling all grumpy again, Seulgi decided to head to the beach bar, where she kept her eyes on the dancing pair while sipping her beer.


“You okay?”


Seulgi broke out of her thoughts to see Irene smiling down at her. She forced a smile back.


“Yeah, just...thinking.” Her eyes drifted away from Irene and Irene followed her gaze.


Irene watched how Seulgi’s girlfriend clung tightly onto Kai’s neck as they swayed to the beat and suddenly she felt a pang of sadness for the girl in front of her.


Irene hummed to herself in hesitation as she gripped the edge of her jean shorts before turning towards Seulgi. “May I have this dance?”


Seulgi looked up at Irene in surprise. A second passed and Irene was thoroughly embarrassed at the lack of response. Hesitation danced through Seulgi’s eyes and Irene was about to retract her offer when Seulgi spoke up.


“Lead the way.” Seulgi grabbed Irene’s hand and gave her the brightest smile she could muster.


Irene’s heart skipped a beat.


The two slow danced to the music, Seulgi’s hands around Irene’s tiny waist while Irene’s arms were wrapped around Seulgi’s neck. Their body brushed against each other, warm from the skin to skin contact.


“I've been thinking,” Seulgi started suddenly, making Irene’s head pop up from resting on Seulgi’s shoulder.


“I'm a little conflicted right now,” Seulgi confessed.


Irene kept her eyes on the sand below them. She knew what Seulgi was talking about but asked anyways. “About what?” she murmured quietly against Seulgi’s chest and felt it vibrate as Seulgi hummed.


“You see, I met this girl today,” Seulgi started and Irene couldn't help the smile that finds its way onto her lips, despite the bittersweetness filling up her heart.


“She's absolutely beautiful, breathtaking really,” Seulgi continues quietly and Irene finds herself blushing so she ducks her head further down to avoid letting Seulgi see.


“And as I talked to her and hung out with her the entire day, I found myself falling deeper and deeper into her charms. She's really...amazing. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe her actually.”


Irene let out a satisfied smile, not even bothering to hold it back. She was happy.


“But the problem is,” Seulgi continued, her voice soft but Irene could hear the weariness in her tone. “I have a girlfriend.”


Irene's smile dimmed, but she stayed quiet, waiting for Seulgi to finish what she has to say.


“Yet here I am, trying my best, to stop myself...from kissing the girl,” Seulgi confessed and Irene finally looked up, gazing into dark brown eyes. They stared at each other, no words between them.


“Then do it,” Irene finally whispered.


Seulgi leaned forward and Irene closed her eyes in anticipation, only to frown as she felt a pair of lips hit her forehead.


She opened her eyes, disappointment clear in her eyes.


Seulgi stared back, with eyes of regret, confliction, and sadness.


“Will you wait for me?” Seulgi whispers, her face close enough to Irene's that she could practically feel Seulgi talking. “I need to settle things with Soojung first.”


Irene sighed, looking down and clutched Seulgi’s shirt. She nodded understandingly. “You owe me a kiss.”


Seulgi pulled her in, tight, for a hug. “I know,” she murmured into Irene’s shoulder. “I promise.”





She walked up to Kai and Krystal, who were slow dancing not too far away from them.


“Excuse me,” she interrupted them and Krystal immediately shot her an unfriendly glare. But Seulgi didn’t waver. “I need to talk to you,” she said seriously .


“Can’t it wait?” Krystal complained. “I’m in the middle of something here.”


“It can’t,” Seulgi breathed grimly. “I need to talk to you now. It’ll be quick. I promise.”


Frowning, Krystal detached herself from Kai, who smiled reassuringly back at her, promising he’ll wait for her to continue their dance later.


“What do you want?” Krystal grumbled as she roughly pulled Seulgi away.


“I want to break up,” Seulgi stated and she had never sounded so sure in her life.


Krystal’s eyes widened in pain, before they softened with pain, and then flared with anger.


“Is this because of that girl?” she spat, poking Seulgi painfully in the chest.


Seulgi furrowed her brows with indignance. “No it is not just because of Irene,” she stated. “You were neglecting me. At school. And today. In case you forgot, this was supposed to be a date between us, not you and Kai.” Seulgi rarely ever let her emotions get the better of her, but once she started, she couldn’t stop. The frustrations that she had been holding back for the past two months finally exploded.


“You wanted to hide our relationship at school because you didn’t want your friends knowing. I agreed, even if it was painful, only because I loved you! You promised me things would be better over the summer. You lied! You didn’t look my way once today because you were so busy staring at Kai’s abs,” Seulgi ranted, catching her breath as she calmed down. When she spoke, she sounded more tired than angry.


“Krystal, just face it. You don’t love me the way I did. We won’t work out. Go to Kai. He’s clearly more your type.”


Krystal had her face to the ground. Seulgi saw her quiver and for a second, panicked. ‘Oh no. I just made her cry. I’m the worst.’


She hesitantly reached out a hand only to get slapped away by Krystal.


“Don’t,” Krystal mumbled, wiping her tears away. “If that’s what you want Seulgi, then I’ll go to Kai, and you can go to your beloved Irene.”


Huffing, she stomped away, leaving Seulgi watching her walk away from her.





After the break up, Seulgi found herself sitting by the shore, staring off into the ocean as the sun set. She heard light footsteps approach her from behind, but made know sign of acknowledgement. She had a feeling she knew who it was.


“So, how'd it go?” Irene’s light voice proved Seulgi’s hunch correct.


Seulgi shrugged in answer, as her hand grabbed fistfuls of sand, before letting it slip through her fingers. “We broke up.”


Seulgi felt Irene take a seat next to her. “You don't sound so disappointed.”


An easy smile forced its way onto Seulgi’s lips. “Yeah.”


“Why not?” Irene grinned teasingly, though Seulgi could hear the slight tremble, the slight hesitation in her voice, and it was enough to make Seulgi’s heart beat fast in excitement and calm her down at the same time.


She had made the right decision.


“Well,” Seulgi started, mirroring Irene’s playful grin. “There's this girl…” she joked.


Irene giggled, amused by the appearance of the running joke.


Suddenly Seulgi stood up and turned to face Irene who was still sitting, looking up at her with questioning eyes. She held a hand out which Irene took.


“Yes?” Irene asked as Seulgi pulled her to her feet and then wrapped her arms around Irene’s waist, bringing her even closer. Irene naturally wrapped her hands around Seulgi’s neck.


“I think I still have a promise I need to keep,” Seulgi grinned, making Irene blush. Her eyes slowly dipped down towards Irene’s lips.


“Really?” Irene continued teasing, though she was also staring at Seulgi’s lips in anticipation.


“Yeah, I do,” was all Seulgi could say before she leaned in. Irene met her halfway.


And under the bright orange skies of the setting sun, they kissed.


When Seulgi asked her girlfriend to go to the beach with her, this was not what she had imagined.


This was much better.





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