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Xi Luhan is pretty contented by just staring and admiring Kim Jongin from afar. He doesn’t have any plans to confess to the person he admires for 3 years. But then, his poor decision making skills and stupidity led him to a predicament he can’t avoid, no matter what he will do.

He finds himself tangled in a mess with Oh Sehun, the best friend of the love of his life.





Just when Luhan decided to take a plunge and confess to Kim Jongin, he accidentally confessed to Oh Sehun instead, who’s more than willing to become his husband.



A/N: Currently rewriting all of my fics before I continue to post new chapters. There will be a note at the start of the chapter to indicate if it is edited or not. I can’t believe I’ve been hiatus for years. Anyway, English is not my primary language so please excuse my grammatical errors. And all of my fics are cross posted on ao3 so if you will find my story there, well, that’s me. This story is posted on my three accounts, aff, ao3 and wattpad. If someone will still read this and remained on the ship, lemme give you a virtual hug!


P.S: I will be replacing KW's character in all of my stories so it will take time to update.

Currently rewritting all of my fics before I upload new chapters. Forgive me for some changes from the old version to new version.
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