Garbage. . "

" Useless child . . "

" Her mother died to bring her , and her father killed himself a day after , and her grandma died after rising her for years .. Such unlucky child .. "

These pity eyes , disgusted and confused , they chased her everywhere in her village . At the kindergarten , she was the lonely kid at the corner .
They thought she wouldn't care , just a stupid child in the care of an old woman . That why , they said what they wanted , any time , when she was five , when she was 11 , when her grandma died and no body took care of it . No body wiped her tears , told her everything will be fine  . But after her grandma's death , she was no longer the silent child . 
Thirteen , and smiling , laughing and all by her own . Even when the kids bullied her and took the bread she had for day , she smiled , when the people ignored her she laughed , it was her innocence that moved her for more years  . Even when she get to her grandma's old house , even when she had no to eat , or someone to celebrate her birthday with , she didn't cry just keeping inside all these feelings and smiled . 
The teacher in her middle school , was the first person to give her support after her lose . He found her work to live , and he found her hope to study .
Sixteen , and her dream was to get the scholarship for Seoul high school , the one that she always heard stories from her teacher , the one she dreamt about in Seoul , far away from her village . And her dream was already becoming true  , she was ready to leave the village, where her memories belonged , with hope to have people , friends there .. in hope to find someone who cares for her , in hope to find better life. 

" What a clever kid . . "

" He will be the honor of his family. ."

" He never disappoint his father or grandfather. ."
Seven years old , his smile disappeared , like his mother did . He was no longer happier or no longer emotional , he didn't care for someone , except his little sister . But he only remember one person , when he was crying badly seeking for comfort  , when his mother left the world , he can remember the warmth he had when a five years old came and circled her arms around his head pushing him to her chest and patting his soft hair  over and over. The sweet voice whispered everything will be fine , everything will be fine . The feeling that his father , or grandfather couldn't give him . She was the one to give him this kind of warmth and safety when he was seven and needed someone to wipe his tears  .
Middle school , he was the first kid in his school , never get down his ranking , he was quiet and fight was only a cure for his wounds and a way to speak his feelings . That made his father put him in Seoul High School later . He can admits his father or his grandfather never care for him , that made him emotionless. Until she came . . Changing what he used to be .



Hi , everyone ! Friendly writer is here ! ^^

I hesitate a lot before posting the story but I hope many people like it , I really hope so ! ^^ And I will post the first chapter of the story tomorrow hopefully!  

I am slowly writer but if I got many subscribers , and comments I will try to update everyday , cause they makes me happy to write sooner .

English isn't my first language , so I am sorry for any mistakes ! Deeply sorry .

The story came from my and my imagination , and I don't know if there are any similar stories or not .

See you soon , bye ! ^^

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