Here's the thing. Jiyong moved out of home to study abroad only to return to an additional family member, a baby brother, and a hybrid at that?! 



WARNING: Crappy hybrid facts (depends on how I want it to be lol) , massive amount of Seungri worshipping and a cute awkward Jiyong.



The story starts off with baby Seungri and continues until he reaches his first heat and that's when Jiyong realize that his meeting with the hybrid is not a coincidence. It's a twist of fate.

What petnames too hm...

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LauraLee #1
You okay rite? Author nim?
LauraLee #2
Please update soon!!!!
Alice_in_Asiae #3
Chapter 10: Such a cute story... I love Riri and I genuinely shed a few tears when Jiyong moved out :(
Looking forward to the next update! Will Riri take revenge or forgive him? In any case, thanks for writing this :)
Chapter 10: Waiting for your next update...Update soon please ^_^
Woah Ri grown up so fast :O
Chapter 10: Woah... Riri what happened to you
Neo1210 #7
Hello, I really do love this story, I just wanted to ask is it okay for me to make a fanart of kitten ri?
Huangyumei 1 points #8
Chapter 10: Waiting for your next update authornim...
princessmichiaVIP 1 points #9
Chapter 10: Ohh gaaad. I miss this story! Huhuhu. But I'm happy that Ri grew up already so the story can really progress. Hihihi. Thanks for the update!
elcia_1001 20 streak #10
Chapter 10: I'm so happy you finally updated :-)