When We Return

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Lee Sojung usually doesn't do anything stupid or anything that could put her name on shame. As the one and only heir of the Lee family, she's expected to do everything perfectly. Not until she made the most stupid thing in her life, kissing a stranger in front of a crowd in her parent's business meeting.

She was sent on a vacation trip, or more like a rehabilitation to fix her, when she met a guy whose name was unknown to her, a traveler, and her life just keeps on getting better.

Together they travel to different places, and met an accident that could change their life forever.

On their way to Busan, their train was caught up on an earthquake trapping them on a tunnel and they've got to do everything to survive along with 15 other people.

A story of survival, romance and friendship.


I changed Kim Sojung to Lee Sojung so that it won't be too awkward to have both protagonist with the same surname. Hope you would enjoy this story. Kamsahamida~

I'll be posting the surprise tomorrow~ who's excited?

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0 points #1
Chapter 22: hehe i knew it would have a happy ending xD thanks !
ohsnapitzmina #2
Chapter 21: Oh my... you played with my emotions. I’m crying now lmao! Such a great, unique story. Good job author ??
Chapter 21: Thanks for the update!!<3 i'm definitely excited for the surprise XD though i'm heartbroken for sowjin TT TT i can't believe this story has ended , its a very good story
LeeSoEun_92 #4
Chapter 21: Oh no.. did Jin died? Oh my heart.. I can’t take this.. it’s too sad.. T_T
llamadodaeng #5
Chapter 21: oh my god.. thanks for breaking my heart :')
As i always say , Updates can always wait ^_^ authornim , relax and don't let that negativity get to you , do whatever you feel like. I'll be waiting <3
Yep , this is your story what ever the ending is , we gonna like it and dont worry , ill be waiting
ohsnapitzmina #8
It’s ok. I feel like writers have this type of thing going on, where they just don’t know how to end it. Well, as a reader, I think you should compare those drafts and see which one YOU like best. You’re the author, right? It’s your choice. And even if it takes you a long time, I’ll still wait. Just take your time. I wish you well, author! x)
Chapter 20: Hahahaha , you such a tease , author-nim. Thanks for the update XD im excited very muchieeeeee. And why ? Why ? WHYYYYYY ??! hoseokkkmkk ! noooooooio
linsie741 #10
Chapter 20: Oh my god. Oh my god my heart. Hoseok. NO!
No need for apologies, I sincerely hope your exams went well. This was a great chapter as always, thanks for all of your efforts!