My Christmas Eve Love Story


Genderbend, Bomi and Chorong has the same age

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SeulReneAlways #1

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chokiepanda #2
Chapter 28: omg this is the best story ever:') IT GAVE ME SOO MICH FEELS I LOVE U AUTHORR!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!
Finally the end.. thank you for the sweet story!! :)
Aredwhite #4
Chapter 28: OMG this is soooo pretty......
I love the ending
Goodluck for your future!
Chapter 28: What a beautiful ending.
Thank you for your beautiful touching story ^^.
Wish you'll comeback with another touching story like this
Eririn 224 streak #6
Chapter 28: Great and sweet ending for Chomi. I wonder how he can make the next Xmas, birthday and anniversary as good as this one though. Very high standards to maintain =D
Eririn 224 streak #7
Chapter 27: I hope Bomi is planning a surprise for Chorong.
Eririn 224 streak #8
Chapter 26: Oh yay!! I hope Chorong will not be in anymore danger. I like it when Chomi is being all lovey dovey xD
PandaPink95 #9
Chapter 26: Chomii
PandaPink95 #10
Chapter 26: Chomii