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there are times when you make mistakes like accidentally sending nudes to a bad boy. now, one would ask, how the hell would one send nudes on accident? well, miraculously, eun sent a picture of her s to jungkook jeon, the notorious bad boy of springdale high, on accident. and he screenshotted it.


warning: load of swearing, ual innuendos, maybe a teeny bit of ual tension


i should set this story on fire tbh. anyway the title is based on Snapchat. i added the checkmark bc i'm extra. huhu. i'm a genius. lmao. none of this is real, the location, the plot (so don't send nudes bc it's bad), and everything else. the setting is going to be in america bc in american high schools, there are stupid teenagers (lmao no offense; i'm american too so no hate). anyway who's ready for some jungkook ?? 


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hey guys, i appreciate my silent readers, but i'd really love it if you could express any feedback at all. even if it means cursing at the characters!
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