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Jin wakes up in a train with no memory of how he got there, what he was doing there or where he is heading.

Right then, a familiar guy sits beside him and introduces himself as his bestfriend, telling him they are on their way back to their hometown.

Except it would be something they would never do, ever.


Ten years ago, they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

They have sworn to never talk about that incident and never set their foot on that place ever again.


To the place where it all began.





Title: Roses 

Pairing: JinKook/KookJin, TaeJin, SIN/YoonJin, 2Seok, JinYeon

Genre: au, drama, mystery, thriller, crime

Rating: PG-15 (mentions violence and abuse in some chapters)

Wordcount: 70K


Disclaimer: story is mine, but I still don't own BTS, lol

Warning: still a newbie | english is not my first language





My hiatus didn’t last long lol, I’m back, well kinda at least.

This will be my first attempt at a chaptered fic, longer than my previous ones. And just like the way I wrote my previous stories, I already have an ending for this, all I have to do is write my way till I arrive to that ending. And all of the BTS members will be in the story so hopefully this turns out the way I want it to be.

I’m planning to update every weekend but I won’t promise on it. Busy weeks in uni might become every other week instead, but do know that I start something with the intention of finishing it. Welcome and I hope you enjoy Roses.

Keep your expectations low. 


- Rei

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Makouba 0 points #1
Chapter 38: Woah, this is one of my favorite stories that I've read on here! I thought I had it all figured out before the epilouge...
Thanks for such an amazing story!
Also, could you also send me an invite? (>★_★)>
Zagwitz #2
Chapter 38: Amazing story!!! One of my favourites that I've read here.
I think I've mostly figured it out, but I have a few doubts....if you could send an invite I'd be really happy. Thanks!
alexang13 #3
Chapter 38: Wow, your story blew me away. I’m speechless. What is roots n bloom? The story continue or is it another story?
Chapter 37: *JUNGSHOOKED*
*ERROR 404*
and *nose & mouth leaking from crying hard*
one year... ONE YEAR! he has been in a coma for one full year and Taeyeon was visiting him every Saturday.. have I ever expressed how much I love her character? Dx
Okay imma be honest here
Roses was seriously one of my top 5 fanfics
it was a really mysterious journey with warm family and friends. mostly it was warm. I loved the relationship between the twins, they were completing, comforting and loving each other. Jin thinking of her all the time during his time in Salemo. how desperate he is to tell her and talk to her and to get comfort from her when his childhood friend got murdered. the things he wanted to do just to get "everything is going to be okay" from her.
and the trio... they had such a strong bond until everything got ruined and the lost each other.. how I felt sad and felt my eyes wet when Yoongi was gone. and what a plot twist there! Hoseok's the one who.... (not gonna spoil for new readers even though I already did lol ) it reminds me of Awake when you killed me with that plot twist hehe~
and you didn't only kill s with the mystery and angst and warmness but also with romance as well! like WHO THE HELL CAN CHOOSE BETWEEN JINKOOK AND TAEJIN!? and then triggered my existence when Jin said he's not into any of them x3 I wish you had seen my reaction when I read that xD

so Jin is dreaming the events all over again and again and again for a whole year in non-stop.
and every time he sees pink roses, they were Taeyeon's roses in real life which could mean they are a new Saturday in real life? time flows different in his brain. he's stuck in a circle and it seems Taeyeon's love pierced through it (through some kind of barrier that separated all of peripheral world noises, effects, senses .. etc from him ) and gave some effects to his imaginary world . maybe the roses were signs to inform him and maybe if he followed that roses field, he would have woken up!

what an amazing journey and what an amazing year I spent :3 I hope we will have anther year with another story of yours (like I'm dying here to read part3 of chef!Jin x SonOfCEO!Kook)

also Roses is more beautiful than roses all over the world. one of lessons it gave is you are such an amazing writer and you're writing style is heaven *v* the beautiful way of choosing the right words and how you insert these pictures to make imagining way easier (and sometimes scary like the rose road in the middle of forest) and when you edited the header pictures each chapter that shows who's gonna be the main characters of the said chapter.

such a beautiful and heart breaking story <3
do pardon me for late... I always wanted to be the first to comment ..

thanks a lot for this masterpiece and I'm looking forward for a new work :)
eat well and sleep well. you did great and your hard-work is appreciated
and have a good day~ <3
Sandshan #5
Chapter 38: before the epilogue i get it but the epilogues really throw me off ><
really good story and my heart still ache reading about yoongi :'( i hope jin only dream at all (i hope)

but please author-nim invite me >< is jin still alive or not
leizellieee #6
Chapter 38: I thought I understood what was going on until the Epilogues threw me off. Could you please enlighten me on what happened? (please invite me too huhu)

On another note, I really love this story of yours! It was beautifully written; I felt such intense emotions as I read on. This was my stress reliever in the midst of acads. Thank you for this wonderful experience!
Chaoticize #7
Chapter 37: Author nim, please let me see what happen?? ?
Is Jin dead or alive then? The patient is Jin?

Please invite me too, author nim
Cookieonurcream #8
Chapter 38: Please let me know the answers.. I read the whole story and at first I thought it was like an infinity loop but then..who is that white clad woman with pastel pink rose? Please please please let me know what actually happened!!!
Chapter 38: Please tell us the answers! I was really hoping this story will have a happy ending somehow: with Yoongi being alive afterall, and him being able to find and help Hoseok. And Jin and Jungkook ending up together.
katielove #10
Chapter 38: I read the story from beginning to the end. I've also got theories like jimin is still alive (just hoping) and jin is still alive but unconcious or in coma. That's just my theories. :) This story still intrigues the out of me. Like i-want-happyending-then-it-was-not. Like i-just-want-yoonjin-then--happened. Like where-did-namjoon-go. Did-taehyung-still-doesn'tknow-whathappenedtojin. Good or bad I still wish there something about for jin to unfold.