She Is The One

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She has the beauty on her face and the beauty in her heart; she has the charm that made everyone fell for her.

She has everythingjob; money; luxury things and a big apartment in San Francisco.

But one thing; she’s not into marriage. Not even slightly she thinks about dating anyoneThat, what makes me want to know about her; She’s one of a kind and this is her story and “my” story about how I fell for her.


So, this is another khuntoria story that i made when i was bored or i have nothing to do at home.

When i don't have college stuff and all~

And now i decided to share it with you guys! But do not expect me to update this regularly because i migh or might not continue the story right now. But, always feel free to read this and comment your opinion about my FF

I honestly miss Khuntoria so much—a lot of things happen between them without our conscent, btw. But i can't tell you guys, yet. Let's hope that they can finally tell everything eventually :).

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diaaaahhhhh #1
Chapter 26: woaaahh you really surprised me. i tought you will make more for khuntoria moment but i like it this way.
thank you for make this story. i surely tell you i want you continues your other story and you know what's that. fighting ^^
YG0911 #2
Chapter 26: aaw you granted our wish! khuntoria ftw! I love the writings in Victoria's part, it's different and improved so well.
after all, thanks for writing fic about khuntoria! looking forward for the next one! cheers!
mugirl9182 #3
Chapter 26: Yes finally Khuntoria forever ...thank you dear Authornim it ^_^.
Chapter 26: Ahhhhhh . I like the ending . Woah authornim . Your so good playing with my heart . I love your story . Thanks for creating this wonderful story <3 <3
eithwin #5
Chapter 24: This is too much. This is the end? You made my feeling bad. :-(
chunna #6
Chapter 24: This is not a good ending at all. I dont think khun is deserved all of this. It was vic & of course siwon fault afterall. Poor khun. That all i can say
Chapter 24: Ahhh vic married with siwon . Nooooooo
diaaaahhhhh #8
Chapter 24: deekkkkk
i tought you will make khun and vic happy but why vic getting married with siwon not khun? haiiissshh i'm so frustated
YG0911 #9
Chapter 23: ow owww!!! finally they made up! but still can't wait for the ending! ugh puhleaseee author-nim, don't leave us hanging for too long!?
Chapter 23: Ah my heart . I cant handle this . So sad for nickhun and victoria . Please please give a happy ending .