run to you

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An aspiring sprinter, May, failed to make it to a national tournament after her rival on the track team used a dirty trick to block her. Running into a notorious playboy Chanyeol, she thinks that it is safe to request for a help from him to fake-dating her manipulative rival and break her heart after that. Thinking that it's all about her requesting a help, she finds him causing chaos in her house a few days later. In needs of a fast defence, he blurts out that he is her ex boyfriend before her elder sister decides to ring the principal to expel him. 


(a chanyeol/oc i-know-we-are-just-familiar-strangers-but-please-just-get-along-i-don't-want-to-go-to-jail au)







In 2014 I finished a fanfic called Let's Break Chanyeol's Heart. With its sequel and the au, it became the longest fanfic I wrote. Moving on to this acc (I changed my username as well), I left that fanfic. But recently I visited my old acc and felt so nostalgic so I decided to reupload here. I changed the title as I will add more conflicts and drop something which I found irrelevant lol. And although there are some changes, I won't revise most of the parts so you'll see how basic my writing is during my early time on AFF lol.

The old version of it still carries a special meaning to me but I won't publish it anywhere. Also, the Arabic translation of it will remain up. 

If you happen to be my old readers and question the originality of this, don't hesitate to show me your concern in the comment box.

Last, I made some online friendship through LBCH but I lost contacts with my friends. I wish this new version will bring the friendship back. If you guys are still here at all.









Do the girls still have a mission to break Chanyeol's heart like in LBCH? You'll find out.

I guess I will give some updates before the holiday ends to make up for the months I left this fic collecting dust lol.
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