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"Love, love
Got to have something to keep us together
Love, love
That's enough for me" 

- If It's Love, Train 



Word Count: 11K



His day started with a call from his manager.


Chanyeol groaned as he felt his phone vibrate by the bedside table. It was too early for him to get up. The actor had to stay up until late at night because of filming. He was very exhausted, that as soon as his back hit the soft mattress of his bed he fell asleep. He wanted to continue his disturbed rest but whoever was on the other line wouldn’t let him off the hook. Chanyeol cursed as he tried to reach for the device with his eyes half open.




He answered with a grouchy voice. He was an actor. Sleeping was a luxury for his line of work. He had to stay up for more than twenty-four hours just to shoot and was given today as a rest but, of course, people would not let that be.


“Chanyeol, there are articles about Baekhyun and Chanhyun.”


As soon as he heard the names, Chanyeol sat up straight. He was now fully awake. Immediately, he looked at the other side of the bed and found it empty. What time is it?


“What did the articles say?” The actor asked as he massaged his temples.


This was bad. Chanyeol was always careful. He always made sure that the two most important persons in his life were protected from the greedy media people. His world, the entertainment world, was a vicious industry. People were commodified and objectified. Privacy was not a right. Different people were always watching his move. He was careful, but someone apparently was able to trace his moves.


“I sent the link to you,” his manager explained, “It is a blind item, but it is obvious that it pertains to you. The company is now examining the situation and is looking for the source. The press has been forcing us to release an official statement. I’ll let you know the details. I’m on my way to your apartment.”


As soon as his manager hanged up, Chanyeol grabbed his laptop from the bedside table and dialed Baekhyun’s number with his phone. Knowing the smaller, Chanyeol was sure that it won’t be long until his little darling would see and read the article. While waiting for a response from Baekhyun, the actor opened the link that his manager had sent and saw that it was the current number one trending.



[Breaking] A Secret Lovechild by Famous Actor C?


Uber popular actor C has been hiding his secret lovechild with childhood friend/lover B. C and B are living together with their child in a high-end apartment in Gangnam.


C is an actor within his early 30s who became popular because of a historical drama he starred in years ago. Currently, Actor C is still active and is recently featured as one of the highest celebrity earners.


According to our sources, the child is now three years old. However, C and B are still unmarried.


Source: K News


[+8,045, -134] Isn’t this too easy? It’s Park Chanyeol right? He is 32 years old and he starred in Palace Prince. He is number 4 in the list of highest paid celebrities… Heol


[+5,822, -230] Finally, a dirt on PCY’s immaculate image ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This actor is good in keeping secrets and hiding though. How was he able to hide a child and a lover for three years? I feel bad for his kid. Imagine your father keeping your identity a secret.


[+5,234, -235] I knew it! I knew there was something fishy about Chanyeol. His image was too good to be true. Now, it’s ruined.


[+4,678, -325] A lot of his fans are disliking the top commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Your oppa has a kid already. Deal with it.


[+3,630, -78] His career is now ruined. His fans probably felt cheated after he deceived them. He is a sly b*stard.


[+1,456, -77] You think his career is ruined? This man’s too popular that his fans blindly accept everything that he does! I bet the fans would defend his sorry .


[+2,934, -156] Am I the only curious on who B is? And how does the kid look like? With PCY’s genes, I bet the kid looks amazing.



“Chanyeol?” Baekhyun answered his call, “Why did you call?”


“Sweetheart, are you at work?” Chanyeol asked.


The actor’s brows furrowed as he continued reading the article. All the clues written were pointing to him. Chanyeol cursed in his mind. Clearly, the writer of the article had no plans on keeping it a blind item for it was easy to guess who was the party involved. The actor was a little bit thankful that Baekhyun and Chanhyun’s identity were kept a secret.


“Yes,” Baekhyun confirmed, “I cooked food for you. Don’t forget to heat them up before eating.”


“Look, Baek,” Chanyeol sighed, “A blind item was posted just now. It’s about us and Chanhyun.”


A gasped was heard on the other line.


“I want you to keep safe, okay?” Chanyeol continued, “I will ask my driver to pick you up from work later. Do not take public transportation. You can use my car and the driver to pick up Chanhyun from nursery. I need you to be careful. Check if anyone is following you.”


“I-is it that bad?”


“I’m so sorry, Baek,” Chanyeol said, “I think I was not careful enough.”


“Oh god, Chanyeol, I just read the article. What should we do?” Baekhyun gasped, “Will we see each other back at home later?”


“I will go to the company. My manager is picking me up right now. I am not sure if I’d be able to go home early today,” Chanyeol explained, “I will ask the security team of the building to keep watch. Reporters may start flocking the apartment once the location is released.”


“Chanhyun is expecting to see you tonight.”


That tugged the actor’s heart. It had been a while since he stayed with Baekhyun and their little sunshine. Because of his rigid and tight schedule, Chanyeol had been going home late. Chanhyun would already be asleep by then. Chanyeol, for the past days, had to shoot outside of Seoul. He had to stay in hotels, leaving Baekhyun and his son alone.


Oh how he missed the two.


Today was the start of his short vacation rest. The director of the film he was shooting gave him three days of rest. Chanyeol had planned to spend it with his lover and child, but the tides had turned against them. He had to deal and settle the issue first.


“I’ll try to go home earlier tonight,” Chanyeol promised, “Tell Chanhyun that I love him for me?”


“Sure,” Baekhyun answered, “We love you Chanyeol.”


“I love you two the most,” Chanyeol sighed, “I’m really sorry, Baek.”


“It’s alright,” Baekhyun assured, “Just settle the issue quickly without hurting Chanhyun.”


As soon as the call was dropped, Chanyeol stood up and started to grab the first hoodie that his arms could reach. It was the one that he wore last night. He grabbed a new pair of sweatpants and his navy blue cap. Chanyeol also reached for the black mask that Baekhyun had recently bought for him.


The doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of his manager. With a quick look around their apartment, Chanyeol caught sight of their family photos which decorated every corner of their living room: on the walls, on top of the upright piano, and on the living room tables. There were pictures of them as a family, Chanhyun always at the middle. There were also photos of just Baekhyun and Chanyeol when they were younger. Alongside the frames were Chanyeol’s acting trophies which he had gathered over the years


As soon as houseguests enter, they would be welcomed with the warmth sight of the photos. Baekhyun loved taking photos and placing them on picture frames for everyone to see. Sometimes, Chanyeol would feel guilty. It must be the smaller’s way of showing and celebrating their relationship since they cannot do those outside the confines of their apartment. Every moment was precious and Baekhyun wanted to capture each of them in photographs.


Swallowing the bitter guilt, Chanyeol went out of the apartment and quickly entered the black van waiting for him. His manager was waiting inside while answering calls. He sighed as he closed his eyes and leaned on the soft leather seat as the car started moving.


“Are you okay, Chanyeol?” His manager asked after he ended a call, “Big boss will be with us. They will discuss how to respond to the issue.”


“My first priority is to keep Baekhyun and Chanhyun safe, hyung,” Chanyeol honestly said, “Even if it means giving up my career. I owe my family that much.”


His manager just kept his lip tight while patting the actor’s shoulder, “I know it is difficult, Chanyeol. It would be harder once Chanhyun starts to question why his daddy rarely goes out with him and his dada, but you must also take into consideration how far you have come in your career. This is your dream, Chanyeol. You’ve been acting since you were 20.”


The actor just sighed. It was true. This was his dream. Acting was his passion. Ever since he was a teenager, he had been drawn to films – how camera angles captured intangible human emotions. Chanyeol loved how he was able to fill in the shoes of the different characters he played. He had lived several lives, been in love many times, and been hurt and happy for a lot of times because of the characters he had been.


Was he ready to give up his dream?


The car had reached their building, and as expected a horde of fans had been waiting in front of the agency. As soon as the car entered the vicinity, the fans started knocking on the car’s heavily tinted windows while the security guards tried to pacify them. Most of the fans that were currently outside were young females – the actor’s target market.


The car went inside the building’s underground parking with struggle.


“The fans are asking for the official statement of the agency,” his manger informed him as they got off the vehicle.


Chanyeol nodded. That was not surprising. His fan base was diverse: from young teenage girls to middle aged women. Most of the fans camping out their building were young ones.


“The company’s stocks have also plunged,” his manager continued, “The big boss is not happy with that. I don’t want you to lose your temper, Chanyeol.”


“I cannot promise you that, hyung.”


The glass doors opened and the two took the elevator to the big boss’s office. Chanyeol’s manager quickly opened the door to the room and greeted the main boss formally. Chanyeol just nodded his head at the boss and plopped on the seat in front of the man who started it all.


In front of him, sitting, was a well-known figure in the Korean entertainment industry. He was a pioneer of the progressive Hallyu wave and he was also the person whom Chanyeol owed his success to. The man, although a little bit on the shorter side, was intimidating. It was Lee Sooman – the man who built the foundation, the star maker. His artists and idols never failed to make it on the top level.


“We’re losing money, son,” the old man whom Chanyeol looked up as a father figure started, “The issue is making our stocks plummet.”


“As I have heard, sir,” Chanyeol nodded.


“We cannot evade the press and keep silent since the blind item directly points to you,” the old man continued, “One of my options was to look for the source and negotiate. Fortunately, I was able to track him and made a deal.”


A black manila envelope was pushed on the table. The actor reached for it and opened it to look at the contents. Chanyeol frowned as he looked at the pictures that were in the envelope. He gulped, bobbing his Adam’s apple, as he tried to control the anger that was slowly consuming his normally calm demeanor.


They were stolen photos of him, Baekhyun and their little sunshine. One photo was him carrying Chanhyun with his right arm while his left hand was holding onto Baekhyun’s waist. They were exiting a secluded restaurant back then. Even though he was wearing identical cap with his little sunshine to hide his face, his built and his face’s silhouette were enough to identify that it was him.


Another picture was of Baekhyun and him when they were in their early twenties, when Chanyeol was just a rising actor. They were holding hands while walking. One photo was Chanhyun happily skipping while holding his and Baekhyun’s hands. Another was Baekhyun kissing his cheeks goodbye in their apartment door. As Chanyeol flipped through the pile of photographs, the actor’s frown deepened. There was a lot of photos.


“We have reached a settlement with the paparazzi who took the photos,” Sooman continued, “It was a hefty amount. Baekhyun and Chanhyunnie are protected for now.”


“Then, what about the official statement?” Chanyeol asked.


“I honestly want to deny the rumors,” Sooman confessed, “Your fanbase would definitely be furious and it would be difficult to pacify them. They have been lied to for years, Chanyeol. I don’t think a simple apology could appease them. Affirming the rumors would dwindle your popularity down. Your endorsement deals could be revoked. Some companies may not renew your contracts if your popularity extremely goes down. It would also affect the company since you are our top earner.”


Chanyeol nodded.


“But the decision ultimately lies with you,” Sooman continued, “You have been working in the industry for twelve years, Chanyeol. Your career has been your priority ever since. But things are different now. Little Chanhyun is getting older. For sure, he would need your presence more in his life. Will you keep on missing his school family days? The PTA meetings?”


Silence reigned over and was broken with the chairman’s firm voice.


“I’ll give you time to decide, but you need to decide soon.”






Chanhyunnie was waiting for his papa and daddy. Today, his daddy would be back from work. Chanhyun never really understood what his father’s work was. Sometimes, his daddy would be home. Most of the time, he would be “at work,” as his papa would always tell him whenever he looks for his daddy. However, today was special. His daddy had promised him that they would play together since he would stay at home for a long time.


Chanhyun was happy. He was sitting down politely on his seat, his legs swaying as he looked at his picture book. It was dismissal time. Some of the kids in the nursery were already picked up by their parents. Chanhyun smiled. He could picture his papa knocking on the door and coming from him. His daddy would be in his car, waiting for both of them, as usual. Every time his parents picked him up from nursery, it was his papa who would get him from their room while his daddy would stay in his black car.


As the door chimed, Chanhyun quickly looked up and his eyes brightened upon seeing his papa. His papa was wearing his favorite gray cardigan over his white shirt. While Chanhyun stays at the nursery, his papa stays at his flower shop and his daddy stays at work.


Nursery is from one to four. They play and learn colors and numbers. Chanhyun was now three years old. He could handle numbers up to ten. Anything greater than ten, he struggles. But his papa said that it was okay since he was still three.


He would spend his mornings with his papa. After lunch, his papa would drop him off the nursery. Sometimes, his daddy would drive them. His papa would then go to his flower shop and would pick him up at around four. They would go home and wait for his daddy and have a nice meal cooked by his papa.


His papa, aside from being as beautiful as the flowers he sells, is a good cook. He always makes Chanhyun’s favorite.


“Papa!” Chanhyun greeted cheerfully.


“Baby,” his papa kissed his button nose, “Are you ready to go home?”


“Yes!” Chanhyun said as he packed his picture book inside his rilakkuma backpack. It was his favorite bag since his daddy gave it to him.


Taking his papa’s hands, the two exited the nursery room. As soon as they stepped outside, Chanhyunnie heard the coos from the aunties whose kids were older then he was. They always coo whenever Chanhyun passes by. The lovely aunties would greet him too.


“Hello Chanhyunnie!”


And he would smile brightly at them, his eyes crinkling.


He was adorable. The aunties would always say that word. Chanhyun had heard from a lot of people that he looked like his papa. They both have milky white skin. Chanhyun’s skin would naturally turn pinkish whenever the temperature rises. His lips were also from his father. They were pouty and naturally reddish. Chanhyun had the same button nose as his papa too.


He was the mirror image of his papa.


However, his eyes were from his daddy. They both have huge, adorable eyes. Their eyes would always reflect whatever they feel. His ears were also from his daddy. They stick out and some kids from nursery school would often about it.


But he did not care. Chanhyun was happy that he had the same ears with his daddy. After all, his papa said that they were cute. And Chanhyun believes his papa more than anyone else.


“Is daddy waiting in the car?” Chanhyun asked as he skipped along.


His papa stopped. Chanhyun, confused, stopped too and raised his head to look at his papa.


“There is some emergency in daddy’s work, baby,” his papa explained, “so he is not waiting in the car.”


“Then, is he at home waiting for us?”


Chanhyun’s daddy promised. His daddy would not break his promise, right? His daddy promised him that they would spend the next days together. It was the weekend. They had no classes. Chanhyun was free.


His papa apolegtically looked at him. Chanhyun knew that look. The young kid pouted.


“I’m so sorry, baby,” Baekhyun carried the smaller in his arms, “Daddy might go home late today.”


“Daddy never comes home early,” Chanhyun’s voice trembled as he could feel tears lining his eyes. Big boys don’t cry, Chanhyun, he reminds himself.


The other kids in the nursery school always had their two parents. He asked one friend if his daddy always comes home late too, but it seemed like only his daddy is too busy with work.


His papa kissed his pouty lips, “Daddy is really sorry too. He called earlier. He said that he loves Chanhyunnie more than anyone else in the world.”


Chanhyun sniffed. He had already prepared the toys he wanted to play with his daddy. He also picked the cartoon DVDs that he wished to watch with his daddy. Even his nighttime books were arranged for his daddy to read him a bed time story. Chanhyun wanted to sleep between his parents for the night, but it seemed like it will not happen today. Everything was prepared, but it was all a waste since his daddy won’t be able to come home early again. For sure, his daddy would come home when Chanhyun is already asleep.


It was always like this.


“Don’t be sad and pouty,” his papa bopped his nose, “If Chanhyunnie is sad, papa is even sadder.”


Chanhyun nodded and smiled. He did not want his papa sad. He wants his papa always smiling and happy. His papa is the most beautiful when he is smiling.


“Do you want to get ice cream?” His papa suggested, “We can have your favorite flavor! I’ll let you have two scoops, baby, since you are such a good boy. What do you say? Huh?”


Chanhyun brightly smiled as he nodded vigorously.


Ice cream is happiness. No one says no to ice cream.





Baekhyun hummed as he ran his fingers through his little one’s hair. To make up for Chanyeol’s absence, Baekhyun played the whole night with Chanhyun. His baby was ecstatic. They played with his new toys, which were given by his daddy, and watched Finding Nemo, which was Chanhyun’s favorite movie. Chanhyun loved the sea creatures. Baekhyun made a mental note to take his baby to the aquarium parks someday.


Chanhyun was already asleep. Baekhyun slowly climbed out of the smaller’s bed after placing a gentle kiss on the young one’s forehead. Before leaving his son’s bedroom, Baekhyun made sure that temperature of the room was not too cold or too hot. Chanhyun hated it when it was too hot or too cold.




A voice welcomed him as he exited Chanhyun’s room. It was Chanyeol who had just come back home. His lover’s hair was a mess. His eyes were bagged. He even had stubbles on his chin. The Park Chanyeol in front of him was unkempt, a far cry from the actor’s impeccably handsome and clean image. But nevertheless, the man never fails to take Baekhyun’s breath away.


Baekhyun smiled as he kissed the giant on his lips, “How are you?”


Chanyeol sighed as he pulled the smaller towards the couch. As soon as the two were seated, Chanyeol lied down, his head onto the smaller’s lap. Baekhyun automatically ran his fingers through the giant’s silky hair. He smiled. Just like Chanhyun. The two were alike in so many ways. Chanhyun also loved it whenever his papa ran his fingers through his hair. It was Chanhyun’s and Chanyeol’s way of relaxing.


“The company said that the decision is mine, Baek,” Chanyeol started, closing his eyes as his lover massaged his scalp, “What should I do?”


The scene brought Baekhyun back to the past. When they were young adults and Chanyeol was just starting his career, the giant would always lie down on Baekhyun’s lap and open up about the things that bothered him. Baekhyun is his safe haven. Baekhyun knew everything about Chanyeol – his insecurities and weaknesses. Baekhyun was there, always there, to support Chanyeol in all his endeavors. How did I become so lucky? Chanyeol would always ask himself.


Baekhyun was always the more loving one.


When Chanyeol just debuted as an actor, Baekhyun was there to ease his insecurities. The smaller would remind Chanyeol of his strengths. When Chanyeol could not deliver his lines well, he would call Baekhyun and everything would magically turn better. When Chanyeol won his first acting award, Baekhyun went all out and cooked a feast for him. When they had Chanhyun, Chanyeol was ready to leave the entertainment industry, but Baekhyun made him realize that it was his dream – that he would abandon his dream once he leaves the industry.


Baekhyun always believed in him and supported him.


“What does your heart tell you, Chanyeol?” Baekhyun asked, “Do whatever your heart tells you.”


“I don’t know, Baek,” Chanyeol confessed, “I’m torn.”


“And it is alright to be torn, silly,” Baekhyun smiled at him, “My concern is Chanhyun. As much as possible, I would like to protect Chanhyun.”


“Me too,” Chanyeol said, “I want to protect you and Chanhyun.”


“Just choose the more loving choice, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun continued, “The heart never betrays.”


Chanyeol smiled. Of course.


The actor sat up straight and kissed the younger passionately, “You always have the answer, Baek.”


Baekhyun giggled into the kiss, “I’m the smart one in this relationship.”


The actor burst out lauging and the room was filled with the actor’s cackle. With Chanyeol’s deep voice, Baekhyun would bet that his lover would wake their son up. Soon enough, the sound of the door opening and closing and soft padding were heard. Chanhyun had a bed hair. He was holding onto his rilakkuma doll tightly as he scratched his head. His eyes were still half-opened.


“Oh, someone is up!” Chanyeol cheerfully said.


Chanhyun immediately opened his eyes and saw his parents on the couch. Wasting no second, the young one dashed towards his daddy’s open arms and giggled as he was peppered with kisses all over his face. Sounds of kisses soon reigned the room.


“Daddy!” Chanhyun whined as the older still did not stop littering his little one with kisses, “Stop.”


“I miss you, buddy,” Chanyeol eventually stopped, placing his son on his lap, “Did you have fun today with papa?”


Chanhyun nodded, “We ate ice cream! Hyunnie ate two scoops!”


“Oh?” Chanyeol frowned, acting as if he was angry, “The dentist told you to avoid sweets, right?”


“Oooppss,” Chanhyun said as he averted his eyes towards his papa, “It was papa’s idea!”


“Me?” Baekhyun pointed at himself as his eyes widened, “Baby, you were the one that ate the ice cream, right?”


Chanhyun pouted as he nodded, “But I brushed my teeth thoroughly, just like how the dentist told me to! Right, papa?”


“Yes, you did, baby,” Baekhyun agreed.


“I’ll let it pass this time since you are a good boy,” Chanyeol smiled, “So what did my boys do while I was away?”


“Papa and Hyunnie watched Nemo!” Chanhyun excitedly said, bouncing while telling his daddy the other activities that he did with his papa.


“Do you want to watch Finding Dory?” Chanyeol suggested. He glanced at his Rolex. There was enough time. Chanhyun’s bed time passed, but since the little one had no classes tomorrow, Chanyeol thought that it would not hurt to spend quality time with his son and his lover.


“Yes!” Chanhyun answered quickly, “You would let Hyunnie, right, papa?”


“Alright,” Baekhyun nodded, “Since Chanhyunnie missed daddy a lot, I’ll let you stay up late.”


Chanyeol, even though he was tired, set the DVD. They opted to watch inside the masters’ bedroom just in case their little one falls asleep. Chanhyun was ecstatic. They were seated on the huge bed. Chanyeol was caging his family with his long legs and arms. Baekhyun sat between the giant’s legs while Chanhyunnie was sitting on his papa’s lap while sipping his milk bottle. Chanyeol’s arms encircled the two while his head was on Baekhyun’s right shoulder.


A bowl of popcorn was placed on the bedside, near Baekhyun. Baekhyun would grab popcorn and feed his two boys who were obviously tired but totally into the movie. He chuckled. The two really resembled each other. Chanhyun was slouching on his tummy while the older Park was slouching forward on his shoulder. Hyunnie was unconsciously playing his daddy’s fingers which were placed in front of him.


The three would laugh whenever there was a funny scene. Chanhyun would frown whenever there were parts that he did not understand. Chanyeol would automatically explain everything to their little sunshine.


“What is wrong with Dory? Why does she forget everything in a short time?”


“Nothing is wrong with Dory, buddy. She has a disability, but that does not mean that there is something wrong with her. She is different, but different does not mean anything bad. Remember the first movie? Dory saved Nemo. Dory is just like any other fish out there, perhaps even more.”


Baekhyun smiled as he heard Chanyeol answer.


A few more minutes and Chanhyun fell asleep. Chanyeol was also bobbing his head, trying to fight the sleepiness away. Baekhyun decided that it was bed time. Slowly, without waking Chanhyun up, he placed their son on the middle part of the bed. Chanyeol immediately took the right side, lying down as he snuggled closer to their son. Baekhyun took the left side and kissed the Park boys’ forehead while saying a soft good night. As soon as his back touched the mattress, Chanyeol snakes his arms hugging Baekhyun closer, squishing their little sunshine in between.


And it was, indeed, a good night.





[Breaking] Park Chanyeol Confirms the Rumors!   


Park Chanyeol, dubbed as Asia’s Prince in the acting industry, has confirmed the rumors about him having a lovechild with his lover. According to his company, the actor had been together with his lover, who is not named, for more than fourteen years. Their child is now three years old.  


The official statement from the actor, which was posted o

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