hunters wanted;; (apply open)


 when the creatures of night turn out to be real, hunters are the ones that clean up the streets and protects humans from demons and other beings. demons and supernatural beings are taking over the streets of South korea by storm after the older generation of hunters are getting too old - or getting themselves killed.

a new group hunters, are given the task of cleaning up the country, some have been hunting all their life while others are just learning the family business. these kids are hunting while trying to maintain school, relationships, and most importantly not trying to die while still learning that vampires, demons, and something called a weindgo exsists. 
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 002. no bashing - let be adults.
003. once the story starts, this will be rated m - you've been warned.
004. i'll be accpecting around 10 or characters, or more if i get really good characters. so yes if you apply then you will most likely be in the story somehow.
005. Achosen characters need to comment often - like every other chapter is fine.
006. more details will be on the cheatsheet, but have fun. 
TITLE hunters wanted;;
AUTHOR twiillaa
AUTHOR NOTE  i have no words for this, expect i need a dean in my life.
hw; please read new update on updates page. it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you read it!


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Chapter 45: Kitsunes!!!! Yasss I love those creatures!! It's gonna cause a lot of mischief and trouble for the hunters and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
Chapter 45: Minkyu stabbed chen for his powers???? But whyyyyy?!?!?! Is chen seriously having an issue because Minkyu and Hwiyeol are a couple or something??
Chapter 45: Yeah Haneul must be wanting something romantic hahahah I mean kissing in the rain is one of the most romantic tropes out there.

Oooh Jonghyun being quiet all of a sudden that just means something is up and they should probably be prepared for to go down.
Chapter 45: oiasdoifhauiehjkfasndkjnf Hyejin being taught by Hyungwoo is just ughhhh YASSSS

Minkyu and Hwiyeol about to get it on aijsdfoijaoiehugf save the children's ears!!!!
Chapter 45: Eyy yoo what just went down in this chapter??? We got Hyejin and Kevin learning and being taught by Hyungwoo then of course Hyejin making some sort of explosion but still remaining optimistic while Hyungwoo is like "bich dats an f in my book".

And oh my stars Minkyu and Hwiyeol oh my stars!
Chapter 45: O.O Minkyu dis character development boiiiiiiii!!!!
Chapter 44: Wooh!! Hyejin's intro! I found everything in this intro hilarious and i really love how you portrayed how Hyejin cares a lot about hyesung making sure that he holds on tight when he was on jinyoung's shoulders
Chapter 2: Thanks for accepting hyejin!! Can't wait to see how she would play out in the story!
Chapter 43: Merry christmas!! Thanks so much for accepting him! I really love the intro hahahaha especially Joohyun's line at the end XD.

I hope everyone enjoys christmas!!
Chapter 41: I knew it! I knew it! That kiss from the previous chapter was something! Minkyu you sly fox!

And what is this? Jisoo and Jaebum? I am in love with what is happening right now! The jealousy which will build up so much tension and drama within these friends. I can imagine Joohyun being the person watching all of this go to hahaha! Jaebum is so smooth with his flirting come on how is Taemin supposed to go against that? I mean I think Taemin has some flirting up his sleeve as well, I don't know but we'll see.

Junmyeon, Jonghyun, and Wonho in one fking room? BETRAYAL HAS BEGUN! But where is Kevin? hahahaha