No one is the same!

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Depression. Happiness. Madness. 

Three people in the same enviroment. Same situations to be seen from perspective of three different people - Yesung, Lisa and Yukwon. 

Every one of them is the same human being as every person in this world, yet all three of them are completely different from each other. 

Only mere moments of them will be displayed here. 

The same situation in so three perspectives.


No one is the same!



Hello guys~ I was thinking for a long time if I should publish this, because each chapter will be very, very, very short about only few hundreds words. But I decided to do this, because for some people, it could be interesting. 

I hope you enjoy it :)



Thanks for the poster to Peaceful Moonlight graphic shop!


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This sounds like an interesting idea. I want to see how you do it.