But Darling, You Are The Only Exception


All Irene remembered was that Seulgi, who had been her lab partner at the time, had been complaining about how she hated the dorm rooms, and Irene had opened without thinking. The next thing she knew, she was helping Seulgi bring her clothes up to her apartment. Or, the five times Irene realized that she was in love with Seulgi.


Because I'm actual trash for this ship, here's some Seulrene fluff for you all! I'd actually originally written this for another favorite ship of mine (which can be found on my AO3 here if you so desire to read the original), but I thought that it fit Seulrene too, so this is version was edited a bit to fit Seulgi and Irene's dynamic.

Also I have no idea how college/university works in Korea, so bear with me here lol

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