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Sehun gets stood up. But maybe things are going to be better than what it was going to be.




Worst description ever!


saw something on Pinterest! I liked it! I did it! If this story seems similar to another it is purely a coincidence. This is basically fluff man. With you know cute sekai. Hope you enjoy! Even if you didn't like it,leave a comment...I'm so lonely :') if you did like it then definitely leave a comment :') I'm still lonely. I'm a terrible person I shouldn't do this in a forward.....should do it like in the chapter, ain't nobody gonna read this part anyway.


And thankyou so much for the beautiful poster exotic4life_

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I just realised, that I've read this before. I didn't know it was yours tho lol. It's really good btw, Jongin is such a cutie and well. We all know our baby Hun is as adorable as always.
Chapter 2: Aww it’s such a cute story :’) I love the way you wrote their characters, they seem really weird but funny but adorable all st the same time!
Chapter 1: OMG!!

That was one of the cutest fics that i've ever read! It's so nice of jongin to help sehun or should i say he saw the chance and took it!
Anyway i hate those bullies and the boy who stood our cute maknae up -_-
Anyway it's a really good story and very well written ❤

Thank you for sharing your story with us <3
zaraaki #5
Chapter 1: awwwwww...this is so cute....
jongin rushing back in to give him a kiss....was soooo sooo sweeeettt!
midnight #6
Chapter 1: Very cute. Jongin is a sweetheart and Sehun is really cute. Thanks for sharing