that was a nasty break up;; want to try it all over again?


A story in which Joohyun thinks -- knows -- that somehow, she would regret doing all of this. In the end, all we ask is for a restart.


“I just… Do you think I’ll regret doing this?”

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Rainslay123 1 points #1
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Thank you for this, Irene. :)
I'll always remember you.
If there will be a chance that we'd get an opportunity to talk with each other once again, I hope it would turn out well.
Always stay safe. Stay strong with your new Seulgi.
- Sxulgi
Chapter 2: thank you for this! the whole plot reminds me of my friend and my other friend lmaoo. some parts reminds me of myself. and hey i learned something from this masterpiece of yours, thank you.
chickchickchicken #3
Chapter 2: Woa that's so.... unexpected. I mean, it's usually a happy ending at sequels, where A and B got together but here, you really showed the other side and one of the most accurate scene in reality. You got me there!
venozoid #4
Uhhh the story's literally gone? I can only see the 'sequel' chapter.
Thousandsunny #5
Chapter 2: huh did something happen? i can only guess you’ve just suffered a breakup? if that’s the case, i hope you feel better. not gonna lie though, i really freaked out when you wrote “irene found a new seulgi” vice versa
.Well anyway, i love this story so much, it's very relatable and realistic hahaha i feel seulgi, i think she's not really a jerk..She's just dense and dumb.She might be too possessive and overprotective because she loves irene so much she can't afford to lose her to someone who she think is flirting with irene. She could say some mean things to irene but maybe she doesn't really mean it, it's just that she's not good with words and she's insensitive... Seulgi's not that bad ,but i hope she'll change for the better.
I hope you'll write more seulrene .*coughs*seulrene*coughs* angst *coughs* . That's all!1 Thank you for this story author!
Tbh this reminded me of my past relationship.. Seulgi is me while irene is my ex gf.. Hahdj.the only difference is that i was the one who broke up with her Because everything was getting toxic and stuff..hahaha.Also, i know that we'll never get back together because it didn't end well..(i already felt that we weren't destined to be together the first time we broke up) Lucky for seulrene, they're still friends... They might still have a chance ,who knows ?? (unless u write a sequel)
Chapter 1: Wtf this was really similar to what happened to me and my ex! It's kinda creepy that even the sequence and characters were similar! This fic is sort of an enlightenment to me, since i can relate to how my ex and her friends were talking about me after our break-up. I'm pretty sure she mentioned that they hate me for breaking the relationship, so.... I can totally relate being on Seulgi's side, minus the ranting-on-a-social-media-where-she-can-read-them. We did talk and ended everything on a friendly note like what happened to Seulgi and Joohyun via DM :)

Anyways, I've always enjoyed reading your fics, but this is the first time that i really wanted to drop a comment as well :D I'm sure the writing process wasn't easy since this came from a personal experience, but thank you for writing and posting this! I enjoyed reading it.
grotexque #9
Wow, this was so heart-wrenching and a bit satisfying in the end, since it was finally like a breathe of fresh air from their stagnant relationship. Obvious that they both still have this bit of feelings for each other.. but since Joohyun had been feeling constant annoyance, anger, and hurt from Seulgi, it was coming to a slow fade. Seulgi still has a lot of growing up and fixing to do, or what she said "proving herself", and Joohyun also must learn that she didn't need all those 'flirty replacements' to make her feel whole. I hope time would help them ease and mend their hearts.

This oneshot was detailed, realistic, overall a story worth telling. (Based on true story, eh?) But you never fail to put emotions to your words, and I think that's beautiful.

JG1999 #10
Omg you dunno how bad i want a sequel ><