The best fanfics recommendation!!!


            First of all I.ll use 'B2st's' new name which is 'Highlight' sothat  you know why you.ll see their new name and not the old one that you all - including me lol - are used to, when I will describe the stories.

           Secondly, I know that there are a lot of pages like this, but I want to share with you all the fanfics that left a deeply and powerful impression on me. Maybe some of you read them already, and maybe some of you didn.t read them, so here I am trying to describe them how well I can and if I fail in describing them just skip my words and click the link to read the story instead because they will be worth it your time ^_^

            I.m a very very selective person and not any fanfics attract my attention completely so that.s why I advise you to read them although the description it will s**kImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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