I Like You. I Lied, I Love You.

I'm Not His Fangirl


“Cool” The girl said as she walk over to Sungyeol.

“Okay great! Now we can start.”

The speed quiz soon started. The idol has to act what written on the placards while their partner has to guess it right. The team which got most correct answers will win. Sungjong team was the first couple,apparently they arranged the line up according to age. So,because Sunggyu the oldest,your team were the last team.

While waiting for your turn,which currently Sungyeol team playing,you stood in front of Sunggyu cheering for the couple.

Sunggyu tapped your shoulder. You startled and flinched. “Don’t touch me.” Your eyes filled with anger. You really don’t like boys touching you. Except Myungsoo.

Myungsoo looked toward you guys. “Don’t you dare to touch me again!” You warned.

“Sorry.” Sunggyu ducked down. “I thought we’re friends.”

“Friends doesn’t mean you can touch me. Got it?”


Myungsoo still looking at you without both of Sunggyu,you and his partner notice. A small smile secretly curved at the corner of his lips.

After a long awkward silence between you two,Sunggyu spoke out. “We have to win. Or…” And evil smirk appeared.

“Or what?” You looked up to him.

Sunggyu put his face closer to you and whispered. “I will tell L you stalk him. I saw his pictures in your phone.”

“W-what! You told me you didn’t open my phone.”

“I said that?” He shook. “You asked me either I read your text or not. Swear to God,I don’t read it.”

“You liar.”

“You stalker.”

“I’m not stalking him! You don’t even know who I am! You don’t know my life! You don’t know me! People just don’t know who I am.” The tears threatened to fall down. Everything around you became quieter than ever and all eyes pinned to you and Sunggyu.

“You guys okay?” The emcee asked,confused with the situation.

You and Sunggyu nodded and everything back to normal again. Sunggyu did apologized to you but after that both of you remain silent. And the speed quiz was very awkward between you two. You did a very good job,Sunggyu too, and your team wins.




The next day,Suzy awake when her grandmother shouted her name from outside. She lazily get off bed,practically dragged her feet went out of her room with morning hair.

“What is it,halmeoni?” She gently rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Your friend came by.”


“Me!” Sungyeol popped out.

“Kyaaaaa!!!” Her eyes widened and quickly ran to her room. “What are you doing here?!” Suzy yelled between gaps of the door.

“I wanna talk about yesterday. And I kinda need your help too.”

“Yesterday what?”

“Why you do that to me?” He kicked the door. The door hit Suzy’s head and she groaned in pain.

“Kya! You,Lee Sungyeol,wait right there. You’re dead after I done bathing!” She stomped to the bathroom with her red forehead.


Suzy and Sungyeol sat on the swing at the porch. “So… Why are you here again?” She asked.

“Oh. Yesterday. It’s hurt me,you know!” He pouted cutely. “You really like Hoya that much?”


“Like or love?”

“What question is that?”

“You like him as???”

Suzy shrugged. “It has nothing to do with you.”

“Why can’t you answer me.”

“Because you asking me silly question. I told you I like him and who cares I like as what.”

“I hate you.” He mumbled. “Now let’s help me with my script.” Sungyeol handed Suzy a piece of paper with few lines.

“Okay…” She reluctantly took the paper and scanned it.

“Just read it okay.”

“I know. I do this many times already.” Suzy rolled her eyes as she flipped her hair.

“Okay,may we start now?” Suzy answered with a nod. He placed his script on his lap,took a deep breath and spoke. “You! Sit there! We have something to discuss.” He pointed,like a real acting.

“Am I in big trouble,oppa?”


“What did I do wrong?”

“I like you.”


“No,I lied. I love you.”

Suzy put down her script and looked up to Sungyeol. “You got it wrong. You should say ‘You shouldn’t come home late’ after I ask what did I do wrong.” Suzy explained.

“Yeah I know.”

“Okay. Let’s start over again.”

“Pabo.” Sungyeol chuckled.

“What did you said?” Suzy snapped,she threw the paper away.

“You,Suzy Bae,stupid girl.”

“Psh~” She rolled her eyes.

“Can't you see it?”

“See what? You more stupid than me?”

“You really stupid.” Sungyeol harshly cupped Suzy’s cheeks. “I love you.” He whispered before he smashed his kissable lips onto Suzy’s.




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MinAhRa #1
Chapter 62: Oh MY GUCCI!!!!
It's such a relief that sunggyu let her go.
And KYA!!!!!!
PS: Can you make another myungie fanfic? Please*puppy eyes*
my tears falling down and laugh at the same time. I'm really glad that Sunggyu let her go back to Myungsoo. KYAA SUCH A SWEET STORY!
Keep writing author-nim! XD
Chapter 62: Finished~ good story author-nim! lmao for a second there i thought she might end up with sunggyu, she's better off with myungsoo :P (i can't believe i'm saying this when my bias is sunggyu. SORRY GYUUUU~)but anyways saranghae author-nim i really enjoyed the storyyyyy :3 *throws hearts*
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 62: ahh~ i regret for not founding this fic first xD

new reader hur.
Thanks for the fic, really. I feel bad for not reading this.. er, lastyear? Lol.
Yay for Myungsoo + ______ and Yeol + Suzy. HEHE.
Heyyy~ i know how you feel when your mom said that you're just a troublesome kid. Because i got that a lot from my mom too. No worries. They don't know how school is being hard to us. xD plus, they are just jealous that we can play with internet on such young age while they just knew about it not a long ago. Oh me, a bad daughter. Lol don't mind me ; 3 ;

and, yeayeayea. It's a long and boring chapter, to you, missy xD it's so not true! heh. what im trying to say is, your hardwork is not boring but the opposite. Really.

IfeelbadformyHamsterGyu, though. hehe. :3 but na'ah, he'll find someone better who deserves him. us, inspirit are the one! Bwehehehe >;D

lastly, goodluck for your another fics! I'll probably check it out when i've spare time. All the best of luck on Physic and Bio. Those two subjects are such mind-killer. Hahaha. ^-^
ItsElaine11 #5
Kyaaa~ My Myungsoo feels.
I love the part when Myung alreedy found out the truth.. So sweet~
I like the happy ending ^^
Oh my god. You made me cry, laugh and smile. Ohoho~~ I ended up with Myungie but I broke Hamster's heart ><
Ilovedhowyouputiniwillloveyoufive-ever. I read something about 5-ever yesterday haha.
Another awesome fic that ended. I LOVE THIS!!
i love it realllllyyyyy....<3