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I'm Not His Fangirl



“I’m going to send her home. You guys should go home before Gyu hyung call.” L uttered to s. “But you don’t come home too late okay?” Dongwoo reminded as his hand patted on L shoulder.
“Yes hyung.” He nodded.
“Okay boys! Let’s go home.” Dongwoo half shouted to gain other members attention. They all gathered surrounded Dongwoo. “We should get going now.”
“I hope I can meet you again very soon. I have so much fun today.” Sungjong blissfully said as he holding your hand.
“Yeah,me too.” Hoya jumped behind Sungjong and pulled Sungjong away from you. “See you soon.” He waved as he dragged the maknae along.
“Bye ____-ah!” Woohyun waved and threw hearts to you. You pretend like catching it with big smile plastered on your lips.
“Aish greasy.” L quietly mumbled beside you. His arm trailed to your waist and pulled you closer to him.
“Ok Myungsoo. See you at dorm. Don’t get home late or else,Gyu hyung will kill you.” He warned again before he walked away.
“Bye Dongwoo oppa.” You waved. He waved back as respond.
“Can you please send my regard to Suzy?” Sungyeol cracked from behind between you and L. You turned you head to him. L let his hand go from your tiny waist and slapped Sungyeol head.
“Yeol hyung! You shocked me. Aww,you like Suzy eh?” L poked his finger on Sungyeol stomach.
He shook as he brush off L hand. “But if I can get her number,that could be better.” He shyly grinned to you. You chuckled.
“Sure can Yeol oppa. Give me your phone.” Sungyeol quickly gave his cell phone to you. You pressed down Suzy’s phone number and handed back to Sungyeol.  
“KYA LEE SUNGYEOL!” Dongwoo shouted from across the street.
“I should go now. Thanks for the number and see you soon. Bye bye!” He said as he walked away from you and L. “Hope so.” You and L waved to Infinite in unison. When the boys already disappearing,you walked ahead and L followed close behind you before he catch your pace. His hand secretly touched you,in a second laced his fingers with yours. You looked up to him and he beamed a smile. Silence surrounded while you enjoyed the warmth of his hand lingered onto your palm. “You never sang for me.” You spoke out.
“Hmm? Do you want me to sing you a song?” He asked with eyes locking onto you. You slowly nod your head as you tucked the strand of hair behind your ear. He cleared his throat before his soft voice melodies the beautiful lyrics.  You close your eyes to enjoy every parts of his lovely singing.
You steps dead with the sweet melodies of his voice. You freed you hand from his grip and hugged him right away. “Thank you,Myungsoo. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness.” You tighten your arms around his torso and snuggled more into him. He hugged you back and plants a kiss on your forehead. “I will miss the warmth of his body,I will miss the smell of his scent,I will miss the sound of his heatbeat,and I will miss Kim Myungsoo.” You thought alone.
“Oh! It’s raining.” L broke the hug. He looked up toward the grey sky above. “We got to go before the rain pouring.” He stopped when he saw you nowhere beside him. “___-ah,let's go.” He held out his long hand. You keep staring at the ground and didn’t move an inch. “____-ah.” 
“I have something to tell you.”
“Come on,we can talk later. It’s going to rain soon.”  
The rain starts pouring onto the earth. “Baby,let's go!” He covered his head with his hand and grabs your arm with his free hand. 
“Let's break up.”
“Huh? What? Stop joking around. It’s raining. Come.” He dragged you but you flinched away.
“Let’s call this a quit.” You said with calm tone. You slowly rise you head to see his face. L was blankly stared at you.
“What are you talking about? You’re fine a few minutes ago.” His eye arch brows were pinned together in confusion.
You put the palms on your small baby bump. “I’m pregnant,Myungsoo.”
“I’m pregnant.” You softly muttered synchronized with the sound of rain drops hit the ground.
He clenched his teeth as his fist balled. “You cheated on me?” You nodded without hesitate. He hung his head low,shook in disbelief and a small chuckled let out from his thin lips. He looked at you for the last time before walked away leaving you standing alone in the rain. You broke into tears but the rain washed away the tear fell. 
L twisted the knob of Infinite dorm front door. “Hey,you’re home.” Dongwoo greeted but L didn’t bother to respond to his hyung greet. He’s was soaked from the heavy rain and the water dripping from his wet clothes onto the floor. 
“Wow,what happen to you?” Sungyeol walked to L. He literally dragged his feet and bumped his shoulder onto Sungyeol. “Hey?” He also didn’t answer to Sungyeol. All Infinite members’ eyes darted toward L. He was lifelessly walking to his bedroom and shut the door behind him. He leaned on the door and tears rolled down. His knee trembled and he fell,sat behind the door. He put his leg together and brings it close to his chest. L wrapped his knee,buried his soaked face on it. He lost the grip of his senses. He doesn’t care what s would say about him. All he knows is his heart was crushed. L can’t stop the tears from flowing out. It keeps flooding his sight. He was crying along with the sky outside.
On the other hand,you still on the street making your way home. You let your feet make it own way. You’re too heartbroken. The rain droplets on your glasses blocked your sight. Because of heavy rain,eventhough you wiped the glasses,the droplets keep forming. “Hey!” Someone shouted at you. Your mind flew back and you found yourself in the middle of the road. “Hey! Watch out!” A lady panickly shouted. You turned your head and saw a blinded light move toward you. You felt something hit you really hard and make you flung into the air before everything went dark.



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MinAhRa #1
Chapter 62: Oh MY GUCCI!!!!
It's such a relief that sunggyu let her go.
And KYA!!!!!!
PS: Can you make another myungie fanfic? Please*puppy eyes*
my tears falling down and laugh at the same time. I'm really glad that Sunggyu let her go back to Myungsoo. KYAA SUCH A SWEET STORY!
Keep writing author-nim! XD
Chapter 62: Finished~ good story author-nim! lmao for a second there i thought she might end up with sunggyu, she's better off with myungsoo :P (i can't believe i'm saying this when my bias is sunggyu. SORRY GYUUUU~)but anyways saranghae author-nim i really enjoyed the storyyyyy :3 *throws hearts*
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 62: ahh~ i regret for not founding this fic first xD

new reader hur.
Thanks for the fic, really. I feel bad for not reading this.. er, lastyear? Lol.
Yay for Myungsoo + ______ and Yeol + Suzy. HEHE.
Heyyy~ i know how you feel when your mom said that you're just a troublesome kid. Because i got that a lot from my mom too. No worries. They don't know how school is being hard to us. xD plus, they are just jealous that we can play with internet on such young age while they just knew about it not a long ago. Oh me, a bad daughter. Lol don't mind me ; 3 ;

and, yeayeayea. It's a long and boring chapter, to you, missy xD it's so not true! heh. what im trying to say is, your hardwork is not boring but the opposite. Really.

IfeelbadformyHamsterGyu, though. hehe. :3 but na'ah, he'll find someone better who deserves him. us, inspirit are the one! Bwehehehe >;D

lastly, goodluck for your another fics! I'll probably check it out when i've spare time. All the best of luck on Physic and Bio. Those two subjects are such mind-killer. Hahaha. ^-^
ItsElaine11 #5
Kyaaa~ My Myungsoo feels.
I love the part when Myung alreedy found out the truth.. So sweet~
I like the happy ending ^^
Oh my god. You made me cry, laugh and smile. Ohoho~~ I ended up with Myungie but I broke Hamster's heart ><
Ilovedhowyouputiniwillloveyoufive-ever. I read something about 5-ever yesterday haha.
Another awesome fic that ended. I LOVE THIS!!
i love it realllllyyyyy....<3