Sungyeol Already Know It

I'm Not His Fangirl

L was compleatly exhausted from washing all the two weeks dishes and slammed himself on an empty space beside Sungjong. He lowered his eyelids and rested his head on Sungjong shoulder. "Im so tired." Sungjong chuckled. "Im going to make sure all of you pay this. By the way,where all hyungs go?" L eyes wander around looking for other members.

"They all in their rooms. Hyung,hyung,hyung." Sungjong call him with some aegyo.

"What?" L turn to facing Sungjong.

"Hyung,tell me about your foreign friend. Is she a girl or a boy? Do you have her picture? Can i see?" Sungjong rained L continously with questions. L blinked as you appear before his eyes.

"UGH! Damn it! Thank you for remind me." L stood up and walk away to his room.

"Hyung! Where are you going? Answer me first." Sungjong whinned and stomp his feet.

"Later Jongie ah~" He waved as he entered his room. He heard Sungjong groaning from outside. Sungyeol was lying flat on his belly on Dongwoo mattress. "Where's Dongwoo hyung?" L asked.

Sungyeol rolled over. "In my room. He said he want to talk something to Hoya hyung."

"Hey,isnt that Dongwoo hyung comic?" L pointed to the rated comic in Sungyeol grab.

"Yeah,i read it for extra information. Or maybe to of us could practice it later." Sungyeol giggled.

"LEE SUNGYEOL~ Dont act gay." L rolled his eyes and reached his cellphone on the dresser. "Go away. You're in my area." He kicked Sungyeol's . Sungyeol move aside,so L can sit beside him. L lying down on his bed,unlocked his phone and clicking fast on the keypad. After sending the text,he placed the phone on his stomach while waiting for you to reply. "Sungyeol~" He softly called,his eyes was staring to the white blank ceiling.

"Hmm? What is it?" Sungyeol mumbled but L still can understand it.

"By any chance,have you thought about you having a girlfriend?" L bite his lower lip.

"Why?" Sungyeol frowned in confuse by L question. "I know you have a girlfriend." He smirk.

"W-what? H-how did you know?" L eyes become bigger and sat up.

"Of course i know. Im your girlfriend." Sungyeol chuckled. He wrapped his long arms around L waist and snuggle into his stomach.

"Kya! Pabo!" L knock Sungyeol's head and threw the comic into a corner.

"Arrrrr~ Its Dongwoo hyung's. Dont throw it." Sungyeol run to get the comic back and sat back on the mattress.

"Seriously. What if one of our members dated?" 

Sungyeol shrugged. "I dont know. But we cant date. Because... Manager hyung said so." He beamed as he randomly flipped the pages. "Whats up with you asking all this question?" L nervously laughed.

He took a deep breath and arrange his words. "Ok listen. I--" His sentences ended when his phone vibrated on his lap. ONE RECEIVED MESSAGE.  "Nevermind. Just forget what have i said earlier." L lying on his back. A smile formed as he read your text.



On other hand,you already fall asleep when L sent you a text. Your phone vibrated under you fluffy pillow and wake you up. With eyes closed you d under the pillow searching for your phone. You rubbed your eye and blankly look to the screen. ONE RECEIVED MESSAGE FROM : KIM MYUNGSOO <3

"Hey baby,i safely arrived at home :) Sorry late,Sunggyu hyung asked me to wash the dishes. It smell like hell. What are you doing?"

You chuckled and reply his text. "Glad to hear that. Whats up? Did you pissed him off? Im sleeping -,-zzzz "  You hold you phone tight in your hand. A moment later you received another text from L.

"Ohh? Sorry for waking you up. No,he just mad about me going to your place without telling him. Thats all. You can continue sleeping. Sorry bothering again."

"Pshh~" You murmured as your fingers active moving on the keypad. "Its okay,im fully awake. When are you coming here again?"

"I dont know. Im going to be very busy for a few months. Whats up?"

You sat up. Remembered Suzy said something about Infinite comeback. "Oh~ Ppali come meet me after done with all your work."

"Yes madam. Ppali? I know my baby miss me :D "

You rolled your eyes after reading his message. A small laugh come out from your throat. "I learnt it from Suzy. Who said im missing you,not a bit."

" :'''''''( But i already miss you a lot."

L reply really touched your heart. "Awww~ Of course i miss you too boy." You continue typing on the keypad. "Tsk~ I hate crybaby."

" :))))))))) no,i didnt cry. Hey,you should go to bed now schoolgirl. Or you want me to tuck you in? Its a pleasure if you want me to sleep with you. I can fly right away to you. HAHA!"

"This boy can be cute and annoying in the same time." You rolled your eyes and lie down. "Goodnight Kim Myungsoo. Texting you cost me a lot."

"Move to Korea,much cheaper when you texted me. Kekeke. Good night baby girl. Saranghae <3 "

"What? Where did he expect me to live there? Moving in with him and Infinite? Psshhh~" You talk to yourself and put you cellphone back under the pillow. A smile pasted on your pinkish lips and dozed off.



"Whats wrong with you? Can you stop smiling? You look retard." Sungyeol said after seeing L keep smiling over his cellphone.

"Nothing." He blissfully beamed and put his cellphone down. "Im going to take a shower." He smelt himself and get up to grab his towel that hanging on the hanger. He heading out to the bathroom. "You should go to bed,Lee Sungjong." L uttered as he walking by the living hall.

"Nae~" Short reply from Sungjong.

Shortly after that,L came out from the bathroom. Water dripping from his wet hair and he ruffled it. "Lee Sungjong! You still here? Go to bed little brat." He said again when he passing by.

"Nae hyung." Sungjong beamed but his sight didnt move an inch from the screen. L walk to his room and open wide the door. 

"LEE SUNGYEOL!" His eyes grew wider seeing Sungyeol holding his cellphone. Sungyeol also startled by his clamor. L quickly snatched his phone from Sungyeol. "A-are you re-reading my t-text?" He was stuttered. He held tight his phone on his right hand while the other hand ball into a fist. His palm sweating crazily. And the cold sweat on his forehaed mixed with the water dripping from his hair.

"You. Have. A girlfriend." Sungyeol calmly said,his sharp eyes locked into L's. He get up from his sit and walk foward. He closed the door behind L's back. L was frozen and ongoing letting out sighs. He plant his face inside both of his palms. Sungyeol stand infront of L. "Am i right Myungsoo?"



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MinAhRa #1
Chapter 62: Oh MY GUCCI!!!!
It's such a relief that sunggyu let her go.
And KYA!!!!!!
PS: Can you make another myungie fanfic? Please*puppy eyes*
my tears falling down and laugh at the same time. I'm really glad that Sunggyu let her go back to Myungsoo. KYAA SUCH A SWEET STORY!
Keep writing author-nim! XD
Chapter 62: Finished~ good story author-nim! lmao for a second there i thought she might end up with sunggyu, she's better off with myungsoo :P (i can't believe i'm saying this when my bias is sunggyu. SORRY GYUUUU~)but anyways saranghae author-nim i really enjoyed the storyyyyy :3 *throws hearts*
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 62: ahh~ i regret for not founding this fic first xD

new reader hur.
Thanks for the fic, really. I feel bad for not reading this.. er, lastyear? Lol.
Yay for Myungsoo + ______ and Yeol + Suzy. HEHE.
Heyyy~ i know how you feel when your mom said that you're just a troublesome kid. Because i got that a lot from my mom too. No worries. They don't know how school is being hard to us. xD plus, they are just jealous that we can play with internet on such young age while they just knew about it not a long ago. Oh me, a bad daughter. Lol don't mind me ; 3 ;

and, yeayeayea. It's a long and boring chapter, to you, missy xD it's so not true! heh. what im trying to say is, your hardwork is not boring but the opposite. Really.

IfeelbadformyHamsterGyu, though. hehe. :3 but na'ah, he'll find someone better who deserves him. us, inspirit are the one! Bwehehehe >;D

lastly, goodluck for your another fics! I'll probably check it out when i've spare time. All the best of luck on Physic and Bio. Those two subjects are such mind-killer. Hahaha. ^-^
ItsElaine11 #5
Kyaaa~ My Myungsoo feels.
I love the part when Myung alreedy found out the truth.. So sweet~
I like the happy ending ^^
Oh my god. You made me cry, laugh and smile. Ohoho~~ I ended up with Myungie but I broke Hamster's heart ><
Ilovedhowyouputiniwillloveyoufive-ever. I read something about 5-ever yesterday haha.
Another awesome fic that ended. I LOVE THIS!!
i love it realllllyyyyy....<3