Infinite Asia Showcase

I'm Not His Fangirl

"OMO! OMO!!!" Suzy who's lying on her stomach sat on the . "NO-WAY!" Her eyes widen and a smile curved at her lips.

You just shook your head left and right knowing that she found out something really intresting after hours browsing googling the internet on your bed. Everyday after school she went to your house since both of you living alone. Her parents working,well you,JUST LIVE ALONE HERE literally. She would finish all her homework less than a hour than browsing about Infinite the rest of day. She study little but she still a top student in school. Guess she born with great brain not like you. You have to study hard to get on top student list and stay up until late night on exam weeks.

You put your whole mind to solve the equation,ignoring her.

"Arggh this is unbelieveable. You must see this!" She can be quite noisy sometimes.She pat the space beside her.

"What? Im doing my homework." 

"Come here. Read this." she turn the laptop toward you. You squeeze your eyes little to see whats on the screen.

"Aishh cant see." You put down your pen,grab your thick glasses and went up on the bed. You take her laptop and put on your lap, "Infinite Will Held Asia Showcase." You read the headline loudly. "So?" you continued again.

"Can you see _____(your country) was listed! Yeay finally they come here!" she jump up and down on your bed. 

You shrugged,not intrested and walk back to your desk, "Dont fall on the laptop."

"Ara,ara." Still jumping like a kids while her lips humming one of Infinite song.  "I. Must. Bought. The. Ticket." She catch her breathe and continue, "Where should i get it again?" You chulcked.

"Ahh~ S cd store? Thank God the shop just nearby." she smile widely. 

"By the way,when the showcase is?" you asked.

"Its on your birthday."

"Eh?!" you turn to Suzy giving her WHEN-IS-MY-BIRTHDAY face on. She chuckled, "How come you didnt remember your own birthday weirdo." she throw you a pillow.

"Its not like i dont remember. I. Just. Forget." You smile awkwardly. Of course you forget because nothing special happen on that day every years. Nobody remember your birthday except Suzy,she's the only one wishing you on that day. You look at the clock on the wall, "Ohh?! Almost 4?! Im suppostly at the bakery at 4!" You dashed to the washroom. While you taking bath Suzy came and knock the door. 

"Hey,do you think what should i wear on the showcase day? Should i wear black?" she asked.

"I dont know. Dont worry,he will notice you,you're beautiful." you replied her. After a couple minutes you went out from the bathroom and dry off your hair with towel. You snuck a jeans and plain tshirt.

"That shirt again? You have no sense of style you know." You just smile listen to Suzy words. Its your favorite shirt your mom gave. "Im sure taking you shopping someday." She continue.

"Im late already. Are you going to stay here?" You put calculus book and pencil case in your bag. I may study there when there is no customers.

"Hell no! What if your crazy dad suddenly went home? NO NO NO." She packed her stuff and went out with you.


Your shift done at 10pm. You lock the bakery's door,check it again to make sure its locked. Its your everyday routine. You pick your bag on the ground and pat the dust off. 



Its short,i know. The next chapter will be more intresting then this one :)

You have to wait for it!

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MinAhRa #1
Chapter 62: Oh MY GUCCI!!!!
It's such a relief that sunggyu let her go.
And KYA!!!!!!
PS: Can you make another myungie fanfic? Please*puppy eyes*
my tears falling down and laugh at the same time. I'm really glad that Sunggyu let her go back to Myungsoo. KYAA SUCH A SWEET STORY!
Keep writing author-nim! XD
Chapter 62: Finished~ good story author-nim! lmao for a second there i thought she might end up with sunggyu, she's better off with myungsoo :P (i can't believe i'm saying this when my bias is sunggyu. SORRY GYUUUU~)but anyways saranghae author-nim i really enjoyed the storyyyyy :3 *throws hearts*
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 62: ahh~ i regret for not founding this fic first xD

new reader hur.
Thanks for the fic, really. I feel bad for not reading this.. er, lastyear? Lol.
Yay for Myungsoo + ______ and Yeol + Suzy. HEHE.
Heyyy~ i know how you feel when your mom said that you're just a troublesome kid. Because i got that a lot from my mom too. No worries. They don't know how school is being hard to us. xD plus, they are just jealous that we can play with internet on such young age while they just knew about it not a long ago. Oh me, a bad daughter. Lol don't mind me ; 3 ;

and, yeayeayea. It's a long and boring chapter, to you, missy xD it's so not true! heh. what im trying to say is, your hardwork is not boring but the opposite. Really.

IfeelbadformyHamsterGyu, though. hehe. :3 but na'ah, he'll find someone better who deserves him. us, inspirit are the one! Bwehehehe >;D

lastly, goodluck for your another fics! I'll probably check it out when i've spare time. All the best of luck on Physic and Bio. Those two subjects are such mind-killer. Hahaha. ^-^
ItsElaine11 #5
Kyaaa~ My Myungsoo feels.
I love the part when Myung alreedy found out the truth.. So sweet~
I like the happy ending ^^
Oh my god. You made me cry, laugh and smile. Ohoho~~ I ended up with Myungie but I broke Hamster's heart ><
Ilovedhowyouputiniwillloveyoufive-ever. I read something about 5-ever yesterday haha.
Another awesome fic that ended. I LOVE THIS!!
i love it realllllyyyyy....<3