DAY 7TH : Public Holiday

I'm Not His Fangirl

Since today is a public holiday after you country Independence Day,so you woke up a bit late. You came downstair without taking bath to wet your dry throat.

"ARGGHHHHH!" You screamed.

"Hi,good morning." L grin guiltily. "Arent you should be at school?"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY KITCHEN?!" You walk closer to him.

"I-i just want t-to prepare my breakfast. Sorry for messing it up." L ducked back his head. You sighed and step back. Everyday you will prepare him a simple breakfast before you're leaving for school.

"Why are you awake so early? Today is public holiday." You beamed. He answer you with a pout and shrugged. "Let me wash up first,then i will prepare us a breakfast." You said,leaving him in the kitchen. 


Now you both sitting facing each other. You slowly chew your toast. You know L was staring at you and it make you a bit uncomfortable. He rested his cheek on the palm. "So... What are planning for today?" L asked. You shrugged and sip your milk. "Stay at home again?! Ughhh,you're really a boring person." L embed his face on the table. You chuckled.

"Lets bake." You suggested.

"Bake? Yeayyy!" L excitedly clapping. 

"But we got to buy groceries first." You half-hearted smile to him.

"OK! Lets go now." He stand up and grab your hand.

"Im still eating. Can you have a little patient Myungsoo?" You said in annoying tone.

"Ok sorry." He sat back on his sit and continue staring at you.

"Stop it!" You burst out of anger.

"What?" L innocently asked.

"I know you staring at me."

L chuckled. "No i didnt." He sticking out his tongue. You rolled your eyes and quickly eat your toast.



L strolled the trolley beside you while he eyes cant take off from you. There's a small smile formed at his lips. You put a pack of flour into a trolley. You took a quick glance at L. L quickly put his eyes away from you. "Wear you mask. People will recognize you Mr.Infinite." You softly whispered to his ear and help him put on the mask that hanging on his neck. His heart pounding when you warm breath hit his face.

"I think thats all." You look inside the trolley. As you walk,you tripped and fall on the hard floor. "Ackkk!" You hugged your knee and laughing. L quickly run to you.

"____! Are you ok?" He bend down and help you to get up on your feet.

"Hahaha. Thanks." You dust off you jeans. You're leading L to the cashier. A flash of you falling from the stage stair at Infinite Showcase strike on his mind that make a smile formed on his lips. "Hurry up!" You waved.

"67.99 dollar." The girl stand behind the cash machine said. You stretched out your money to her when suddenly L take all the money from your hand.

"Hey~" You give him a death glare. He eye smiled and give the girl his card.

"Keep it,im paying." 

"You both such a great couple." The girl swap L card and hand back to him. "Have a great day." 

"Eih? You have been misunderstood,im not his gir--" L cut your word by putting his arm around your neck. He smilled to the cashier girl.

"Oh my God,you guys a newlywed right? Congratulation!" She clasp her hand.

L chuckled. "Yeah,lets go." L waved to the girl before he drag you away.

"How could she said im married at this young age." You mumbled. You heard  giggling fom beside and elbowed L stomach.

"Ouchh!" L was cry out.

"Hand down." You move his hand around your neck and fasten your pace. "Its raining heavily outside." You said when you arrived at the mall entrance. "What should we do?" You look up to L.

"Where's the bus stand?" L squinting his small eyes looking for the nearest bus stand.

"There." you pointed. The bus stand was quite far away. L take off his cap and put on you. He also take the grocery bag from your grab and held you hand tight. 

"Guess we have to run there." L beamed. You both run under the pouring rain heading to the bus stand. You felt his held you tighter. Secretly a small smile curved on you lips. L and you were completly soaked when arrived at the bus stand.

"Shot! I shouldnt wear white today." You hugged your reveilling body. A few of ed eyes was looking at you. 

"I know it wet,but at least it can cover your,ummm." His face turn into pink as cover your body with his jacket.

"Is it okay?" You worrily asked when saw L just wearing a piece of thin shirt. He's nodding.


You both safely reached home. Water dripping from your wet cloth. L was shiverring. "Go change before you catch a cold." You take the grocery bags from him. He nodded and went upstair. After done changing,you walk into the kitchen. You put all the ingredients on the counter and waited for L. You heard footsteps came down from upstair. You smilled sweetly when he enter the kitchen. "I make you this. Enjoy it before we start baking." You give him a cup of hot chocolate.

"Yummy!" He slowly gulp down the hot chocolate you make. "Im done!" He held the cup in air after the last sip. He the chocolate pasted on his lips.

"Aiiippp. So cute." You said mentally to yourself. "Ok,lets get started." You take out a big bowl from the cabinet.

"I didnt know how to bake,you have to teach me." L teethly grinned.

"Ok,watch and learn. First we have to put this." You put the ingredient into the bowl. "Now you have to knead it. Your turn." You put the bowl infront L.

"H-how?" He blankly look at you.

"Like this." You show him once. "Try it."

"Like this?" L knead the dough wrongly.

"No no. Like this." You hold his hands and teach him the right way. The happiness rose inside his heart. "Got it?" You asked. He answered you with nods. You heat up the oven and walk back to L. You standing beside him,examine his baking skill. "Now put the dough into the tray." You pointed. L carefully pour the well mixed dough into the cake tray. You put on the mitten and take the tray to put into the hot oven. "OK. Done." You wipe sweat pearls on your forehead.

"_____." L called. You look at him and he smear flour on you cheek.

"HEYYY!" You try to give him a revenge but his manage to dodge it. He smear the flour again,but this time on your nose and run away. "MYUNGSOO! I WILL KILL YOU." You chased him across the kitchen. He mocking at you,and that make you more angrier. L suddenly stop infront you. "Ackkk~" You bumped into his chest and you both fall. You're now laying on top of L. Your eyes lock into his and your heart beating really fast like its going to explode. You gulp a ball of saliva on your throat when he put his face close to  you. Your nose touched his pointed nose,and you closed you eyes. L suddenly cough and put his face away. You sat up and look at him,still coughing.

"Are you ok?" You get off him and helped him to sat up. He nodding while rubbing his chest. You give him a glass of water and he drank it all in one shot.

"Im ok." He exclaim. "Im going to washroom." He awkwardly smiled to you and leave. L locked the washroom and leaning on the door. "Aishh! Myungsoo! Are you crazy?" He mentally punch himself.





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MinAhRa #1
Chapter 62: Oh MY GUCCI!!!!
It's such a relief that sunggyu let her go.
And KYA!!!!!!
PS: Can you make another myungie fanfic? Please*puppy eyes*
my tears falling down and laugh at the same time. I'm really glad that Sunggyu let her go back to Myungsoo. KYAA SUCH A SWEET STORY!
Keep writing author-nim! XD
Chapter 62: Finished~ good story author-nim! lmao for a second there i thought she might end up with sunggyu, she's better off with myungsoo :P (i can't believe i'm saying this when my bias is sunggyu. SORRY GYUUUU~)but anyways saranghae author-nim i really enjoyed the storyyyyy :3 *throws hearts*
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 62: ahh~ i regret for not founding this fic first xD

new reader hur.
Thanks for the fic, really. I feel bad for not reading this.. er, lastyear? Lol.
Yay for Myungsoo + ______ and Yeol + Suzy. HEHE.
Heyyy~ i know how you feel when your mom said that you're just a troublesome kid. Because i got that a lot from my mom too. No worries. They don't know how school is being hard to us. xD plus, they are just jealous that we can play with internet on such young age while they just knew about it not a long ago. Oh me, a bad daughter. Lol don't mind me ; 3 ;

and, yeayeayea. It's a long and boring chapter, to you, missy xD it's so not true! heh. what im trying to say is, your hardwork is not boring but the opposite. Really.

IfeelbadformyHamsterGyu, though. hehe. :3 but na'ah, he'll find someone better who deserves him. us, inspirit are the one! Bwehehehe >;D

lastly, goodluck for your another fics! I'll probably check it out when i've spare time. All the best of luck on Physic and Bio. Those two subjects are such mind-killer. Hahaha. ^-^
ItsElaine11 #5
Kyaaa~ My Myungsoo feels.
I love the part when Myung alreedy found out the truth.. So sweet~
I like the happy ending ^^
Oh my god. You made me cry, laugh and smile. Ohoho~~ I ended up with Myungie but I broke Hamster's heart ><
Ilovedhowyouputiniwillloveyoufive-ever. I read something about 5-ever yesterday haha.
Another awesome fic that ended. I LOVE THIS!!
i love it realllllyyyyy....<3