Love to Love


Seo Joohyun, now known as Seohyun, a rising pop singer under SMC Entertainment, is eager to get on stage and present her skills as a musician. She also wishes to write a song for the next album her manager claimed she is going to release several months from now, which is something she'd wanted to do for a while. However, in the recent task, she discovers it to be more difficult placing her feelings into mere words and requests for a lyricist to assist her. After a long search for the right kind of poetic seamer, she decides and demands that she work with Cho Kyuhyun, a seemingly quiet and cold man who happens to be an aspiring novelist in his very early thirties with a six-year-old daughter, not married. Though at first intimidated by his quiet and aloof demeanor, Joohyun quickly finds that Kyuhyun is a very kind and gentle man who is very much in love with his daughter and would do anything to protect the people he loves. And quickly, a friendly and comfortable relationship forms between them.

Jessica Jung, a photographer struggling to make money in Seoul, only wants her personal life to settle down to a calmer ocean. With her crush on Kyuhyun causing maelstroms in her mind upon Joohyun's arrival into their lives, the matters become worse as her old ex-boyfriend, Lee Donghae, who happened to be Kyuhyun's partner in every song they'd written, also stirs up old feelings inside of her. Now she is hired to take pictures for a magazine that will hold an entry all about the music industry, especially in the biggest label belonging to SMC. Donghae, being a songwriter for the company, takes part in the whole process of the interviews, the entry, and the photography, allowing them to see each other more and interact more. Though fighting often due to a few past miscommunications and the stubborn pride they hold in their stomachs, they continue to drift closer and closer, forming a new relationship filled with a familiar bitterness and a new adoration for each other.

Choi Jinri, or best known as Sulli amongst her new friends at the Easy Breezy Day Café, is chasing after her dreams of becoming a chef and has been training under Kim Ryeowook, the owner and main chef of the establishment. Despite this, she mostly works as a waitress and trains after closing time. After two years of working, she'd befriended a multitude of people but finds her closest companions to be Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Jessica, and Krystal Jung, Jessica's younger sister. It is at this moment that Choi Minho, an old friend of the gang, arrives back from his military duty to reunite with his buddies and chase after his own dreams of becoming an artist. Unbeknownst to her, Minho falls in love with her at first sight and constantly tries to figure out how to impress her and possibly ask her out in the future, which Kyuhyun, though exhausted of it, attempts to assist him on. In every day he comes to the café, she gleefully expects something fun and cheerful from him as he pursues her shyly and silently without her knowledge.

Love and romance, we love to read about. No matter how cheesy and corny the tales may be, we enjoy the hope and determination we wish to find in ourselves and our own possible eternal partners. We want to obtain it for ourselves. No matter how many conflicts cross our path, how many obstacles block our view of the easiest solutions one can use in a relationship, we continue in the challenge of love.

Why? It's simple.

We love to love.


Hello. It's me.

(Damn it I know that's a pretty old joke by this point)

Anyways, hi again. I haven't been writing here lately. I've been writing things elsewhere (mostly in a secret google docs folder for myself--and no, it's not about K-pop couples, in case you're wondering). But no matter how hard I try, though I don't try hard anyway, I cannot bring myself away from this for too long. I love getting back here, no matter how empty it sometimes seems.

I had so many different story ideas to use, but I was thinking of mainly two. I decided to go with this one because I'd had this for longer and I absolutely adored what I had in mind.

Also, Kyuhyun's "One Voice" album with those Japanese songs inspired some things. As you could tell, "Love to Love" was one of them (as proven by the title of this story).

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I will enjoy writing it! :)

(ps. Yes the poster I'm still learning to use photoshop and I got lazy it's midnight I should be sleeping but I'm not I'm so tired halp)

Also, forgot to leave this here! :)

Chapter Five is DONE! Now Chapter 6 is in the works and we'll be back on track next week! Sorry about the delay--academic issues were pulling me.

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Slimesmilelol #1
Chapter 2: hello, i definitely love this! keep up the good work! :D
Patriots8712 #2
Great Chapter! Cool to see more of Seohyun's POV. I'm excited to see how her and Kyuhyun's relationship develops. I'm also curious on how Heesica's relationship will turn out.
jaylee00 #3
Chapter 4: I'll wait!!!!
Chapter 3: Aww cute
Chapter 3: Can't wait to read more of minsul's interaction. Thank you authornim.
jaylee00 #6
Chapter 3: Honestly, I kind of feel like Kyuhyun and Jessica would make a good couple. But I prefer Seohyun with him.
Chapter 2: Author nim! Saranghae~ your works are incredibly amazing! I feel every words written, through the bones! I'm definitely inlove with your stories, I'll start re-reading now. <3 :D
Jennerz #8
Chapter 2: Awww Donghae's having trouble with Jessi. I wonder why she's so cold to him, though. Did their relationship end badly?
Also, I'm excited for Seohyun's intro! :)
jaylee00 #9
Chapter 2: I like how you describe the situations. Can't wait for the next chapters.
Jennerz #10
Chapter 1: Nice start! Seems really interesting. Looking forward to the next chapter :)