Starry Night

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Just a little one shot for Chaeyu. This is also sort of a thank you for all the love "Memory Lane" has been getting lately, so yeah thank you!

This story takes place in the same universe as "Memory Lane", but will have no direct affect to whatever happens in the main story.

Tzuyu and Chaeyoung hung out quite often outside of school in "Memory Lane", but I never really elaborated on that, so here is what a Chaeyu date would probably look like. Enjoy!

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Chapter 2: So cute!!! I cant get enough of chaeyu HELP
Thank you for you hard work author ^^
eeveeduu 1 points #2
Chapter 2: THESE TWO ARE SO CUTE !!!
svteenteenteen 1 points #3
11010614_jeongtzu 1 points #4
Chapter 2: more please......xd
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Chapter 1: I love it that's all I can say >\\\\<
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Chapter 1: This indeed was a beautiful moment,with a beautiful girl, under this starry night
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Chapter 1: oh my GAAAAHD THAT WAS SO CUTE! SO PURE SO RAW SO INNOCENT! This story fits this ship perfectly. Like omg, that was soooooooo cuteeee. <3
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Chapter 1: This is so cute >.<
Chaeyu ♡♡
Thank you for writing this author-nim..
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Chapter 1: “Nothing, the way you were running up here was just really cute. You’re really cute.”
“Shut up, no I’m not. You’re the cute one here.”

You both are so cute i'm crying~~
The moment chaeng ate tzuyu ice cream and tzuyu said it's an indirect kiss, it reminds me of their vlive with jyp that they shared the same drink and same straw *choke rainbow* _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_
This is one of the cutest fluff i've ever read!! And Tzuyu is brave not like in 'memory lane' lol! (I love her character in memory lane tho, my poor yoda XD)
Thank you for writing this, author!