The Hired Date

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In a fit of panic over seeing his first love again, Bin hires a date for his brother's wedding.


My first ASTRO AU story.
This will also be my first Top Eunwoo, Bottom Bin fiction.

I know... I'm shuddering as well. But hey, I like a challenge.
If this seems familiar, then maybe because people of a certain generation may have seen where I've loosely-based this story from.
Anyways, I love input so don't be afraid to tell me what you think.

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Chapter 2: I'm really loving the story! Thank you for continuing
Chapter 1: Oml I need more
Chapter 1: where's the rest of the story? it's okay if this will be a short one as long as you finish this, please~
Chapter 1: I like. I cant wait to read more.
taehyung95_jy #5
Chapter 1: this is amazing !! can't wait for ur next update !! ^^
bookworm4lyf #6
More please! I'm so in love with Top Eunwoo and Bottom Bin. *-* I have been searching high and low for bottom Bin fics. T^T Cannot wait for your update!
Allenjira #7
Chapter 1: Wahaauuu.. I like it so much ><