beyond the screen


Lalisa Manoban is one of the millions of users of an online chatting website named Omegle. And when she came across an interesting person, she goes crazy thinking of him.


The pale bluish light casted shadows on her face as she scrolled down her Facebook newsfeed, occasionally changing to her Omegle tab to continue her chat with a random stranger. She had made some friends from the site, although it was pretty hard to find them over the s and the douchebags and the teenagers she comes across.

The clock read 10 pm.


On the other side of town, a boy was sitting with his laptop, staring at a Facebook photo of a girl. He smiles, closes the computer and fights the urge to scream into his pillows. He laughed instead.

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keren_hmlm #1
Chapter 2: Finally!!!♥.♥
keren_hmlm #2
Chapter 1: This is interesting *_*. I can't wait for the next chapter FIGHTING Author-nim!!!
oh, lmao. i think this is going to be a good one, fam!