Memory Lane: Maybe It's Better

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A story of Chou Tzuyu as she remembers her high school days. Filled with happiness, sorrow, and jealousy. What was the end result? Who is she now? Find out as we stroll down with her on Memory Lane.

Final chapter of Memory Lane is up!

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qwaszem #1
Chapter 4: try jeongmi author-nim <3
1 points #2
Chapter 18: Aww this is so cute...
1 points #3
Chapter 18: That ending fits the whole story. I'm legit tearing up rn..
1 points #4
Chapter 18: Tzuyu toss chaeyoung out of the room sfggddghsdfj my poor smol baby how can her bride do this to her XD
Thank you for a wonderful happy ending chapter author! Hope to see more stories of chaeyu from you in the future ^^
fooledbyrandomness 1 points #5
Chapter 18: awW MY HEarT
Author i miss chaeyu, please update soon TAT
1 points #7
Chapter 17: aww this is so cute datzu are the cutest
1 points #8
Chapter 17: Aigoo.. no SaiDa endgame haha. At least there was a bonus chapter of saida ^^.
1 points #9
Chapter 17: I love this so much <3 ^_^, DaTzu is so cute and them getting a puppy, at the end was adorable. Thank you so much for this amazing chapter ^_^.
1 points #10
Chapter 10: Holy ! This is one of the best chapters I've read in along time! Very well done!! It has challenged my view on ChaeYu.