See you again.

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It's been a long day without you, my friend

And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

We've come a long way from where we began

Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

When I see you again


I pondered over ljoe’s departure for a long time. Putting myself in his shoes, it presumably pained him to come to such a decision, knowing that he will be hurting the ones he love.

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nickmo #1
Chapter 1: I believe one day they will reunited back as the 6 member of teentop/or something
I believe on their bond even now the both side still having their hard time to believe each oter
I know they still cares no matter how anger they are but time will heals our pain angels
I still believe ljoe still use teentop name every time he go acting audition coz nobody knows who is byunghun without teentop in his profile
Good luck to Teentop n him
By the way this is not the ends of Chunjoe fix tho don't think to ends their shipping stories
Support teentop for their comeback okay?fighting angels
Chapter 1: thank you for this parting chunjoe fanfic. so sad to know what happened to our supposedly 2nd Shinhwa :'(
Inspiritwoogyul #3
Chapter 1: ........... *ugly sobbing*
Chapter 1: *sobs*
Chapter 1: I have one critique so far . Reek is a word you shouldn't use with innocence or joy or dreams since it depicts something unpleasant .

Byunghun’s almond eyes twinkled with melancholy at the bittersweet memory. Putting Ryan back into it’s place before giving the toy a small pat on it’s head. Byunghun stood up, leaving a short note on the bedside table.

“Minsoo hyung. Thank you for loving and caring for me. Don’t be such a sleepyhead, I can’t be there to wake you up each morning for our schedules anymore. I wish you all the best hyung.”
If I was in a particularly morose mood , I would have broken down to tears at this part .

Going through chanhee's part and reading Niel's , I started getting in the mood and almost teared up .. he wouldn't mind being the girl for Niel .. the reference .. God you are stirring the memories in my head .

You’ll go far in life Jonghyun ah.” Effectively made me shed tears .. sniffs * Maybe because it feels like farewell the most .. What if he doesn't want to go far in life without you Byunghun ?

Wipes tears * Any ways .. You've done a thing that I intentionally avoided and for that i admire you .
My oneshot regarding ljoe's departure was all about the members' reaction towards the news because i couldn't imagine Byunghun's pov at all .. honestly it took me some time to imagine the members' pov but well Byunghun's seemed way more difficult , complicated and sad to write about that's why i avoided it but you , not only did you pursue it , you did a good job at it too ~