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Touchstone is notorious.

Specifically, the West Wing is notorious.

The University students around her couldn’t understand why she would enter that dorm, but along with the exaggerated bad reputations acquired by the students there, she finds they may be similar in more ways than none.


The whole gang is here. And everyone's got a secret.

I hope you all know that chapter 14 and 15 are double updates!^^


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the-94liner #1
Chapter 28: Yay omg i was hoping that this story will be updated!! Its so gooddd! Looking fwd to the upcoming eventful chapters~ haha
Fabuluxe110 #2
Chapter 28: OMG FINALLY!!! Ive been waiting for this update?
Chapter 28: Yiseul... her mind - it's so powerful. (I sound like a Twitter user, but like this is such a true statement that I had to use it)
She was so smart in how she went about it, but it's so nice b/c she knows them all well enough to get them to come & for Jinhwan she knew he'd agree to an alternative.
I like that they realized they didn't know her that - hopefully it means they'll all try to get to know her as well.
Oh Hanbin... cute. Junhoe failing at getting more info out of Hanbin for us readers lol.
I can't wait till the next chapter!
Chapter 27: Wait a second, this new ending is giving me all the feels right now. T___T
Idk if I said this before, but I love Yiseul's straightforwardness. Especially when she says something that sounds like sarcasm, but she's just being serious. Like with Seunghoon here. XD
Honestly, let me tell you one thing. I was so happy to find out that you had updated this, I'm not really on this site much anymore if at all. I only ever come back to see if you updated the story lol. Literally all I check is too see if any stories have updated & if it's this one.
Now off to read the next chapter!
Chapter 28: I got the fuzzies from the new ending. Yiseul is amazing gathering them all like that. I still don't like Mina hahaha
Chapter 28: I love the new ending for the previous chapte, not that I didn't love the older ending. The older endingbmade it look like he was feeling something and couldn't give words to it. It's cute to see that he can with this new ending because that quite literally how it feels. The explanation of that feeling in this chapter was nice, simple and relatable.
I've missed your updates, I hope you continue to do well in life and in your writing
inufan66 #7
Chapter 28: So happy you updated this story! I've missed it so much! :D
janelle15 #8
Chapter 28: I really love this. I hope they get on with mina. It's obvious that she is using yiseul because she always make her do her works and she said that people are saying bad things about her, i bet that's her. (sighs) lol i can't wait for another update!!~ fightingg!!
janelle15 #9
Chapter 14: I don't like mina. Period. Lol fightinggg!
Chapter 28: Ahhhh I lov this story soo much the interactions are very fun to read!! Add oil!