Vampire In Love

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Lee Hana

is a normal human girl who believes that vampires are not dangerous. 

Kim Taehyung 

is a vampire who thinks that human only likes to attack vampires.

What will happen when the both of them have no choice but to be soulmates?


Will things be normal for them? 

Will they ever meet each other again?

Whats important is that will they be able to go through everything together?



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Hi everyone! Thank you for staying with me from the start till the end! I can't believe this story has finally come to an end though theres an epilogue chapter to be updated but that will be the last one before i work on my new story. Anyways do check out my new story and thankyou everyone!


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518 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 19: Jaemin is suspicious as fxxk. I hope the boys won't keep it a secret from Hana. It never ends well :/
518 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 17: Hana just neglected her education *shakes head* that's not how I raised you, Hana. Lmao XD
I don't want them to be in trouble :( What if someone gets hurt? T^T
518 streak 0 points #3
Chapter 16: Yes, stop being reckless you brat XD but why Jaemin is so powerful? All the boys couldn't take him down which is pretty weird. Huh. I hope he won't attack anymore.
518 streak 0 points #4
Chapter 15: Maybe, maybe he's not her brother... Or something... I don't know. But Taehyung will come, right? He has to!
518 streak #5
Chapter 14: Oh man, it got intense. I'm so excited and curious!!! What will happen next, what will happen next??? AHH this story is so good *^*
518 streak #6
Chapter 13: Oh. My. God. What a plot twist!!! Fjfbskfbd I'm digging it so bad. But is it the same person!? I think it is. But he's evil! Nooo :(
518 streak #7
Chapter 12: Omg, I'm scared what Hana's mom will tell her. It must be something really bad, I just know it :(
518 streak #8
Chapter 10: That was unexpected. The boys will have to really really look after the girls so they won't be in danger. I'm worried about all of them :( I don't want to get hurt!
And aw, Tae called Hana his girlfriend :")
518 streak #9
Chapter 9: Awww, Tae and Hana are so cute! They're gravitating around each other but no one will make the first move. Maybe it's too early for them? I don't know >u< i just know that they are cute haha
518 streak #10
Chapter 8: That was expected hah I wonder if Jimin and Taehyung will sneak to Namhee and Hana. Tae is probably too tired, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jimin showed up next to Namhee the next morning haha