Talk to Him (One-Shot)


Jihoon has the biggest crush on Taeil, but he's too afraid to make the first move without a little encouragment from Jiho and Kyung.


A/N: This is my first time writing TaePyo so I hope it's good. I wrote this for a holiday fic exchange and thought I would share it here.

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Chapter 1: Man i haven't read a block b fic in AGES and i'm glad to have found yours! It was so sweeeeeeet i'm so happy that Jihoon finally confessed and Taeil accepted^^
Chapter 1: congratulations on the random feature! god this is so cute!
iloveyeti #3
mepastah #4
jiho jaehyo!!!!! ok i'm just seriously happy here.i just go into this couple like today and i read this.thank u soooo much.i love these two soooo much suddenly and this fic is the reason.haaa i'm so happy i found this fic...and jihoon taeil is awwzzzmmm too.i love cute.okthanxbai.OMG!!
Omo omo omo this is so cute!!!!!!!!! >///<
Seriously, I love this so much! <3
No need to say more <33333
I want it to be longer.. T__T It's cute. :3 And lol, forever alone Kyung. xD
oh that was awesome. and so true. but awww poor jaehyo what a scaredy cat, a whole year. lol
First comment, yay~~<br />
Your story is so cute, I really liked it! Jihoon and Taeil, I wanna squish them >////< and Jaehyo and his crush on Jiho LOL I wanna read more from you :3 <br />
Good work *chuu*