Facebook based roleplay for all Kpop Idols, all ualities and all plots! 


Hello there :D 

We are a new Facebook based Roleplay Group called iKOR! 
Are you interested in a chill roleplay with barely any rules? Come and join us!
We are looking for new members in our group and love every support! 


This Roleplay is different from any other you can find: 
1. Free Choice in Idols! Almost all are still available!
2. Free Choice in Plot! Wanna do a mystery RP? Or a Gangster/Crime RP? Or how about a We got Married RP? You're free to explore the depth of your fantasy and do everything! 
3. No fancy opening banner (because we're way to lazy for that) 
4. Barely any rules! No bans, no online-activity measuring! 

So, if you are interested in a casual Roleplay for fun, with any possible plot and relaxed admins: 
1. comment under this and indicate which Idol you would like to start with!
2. wait for a confirmation (we have to check whether that idol is available) 
3. add the facebook account sent to you! 

As easy as that! :D 

We look forward to your messages and hope to find fantastic new people! 

Greets, iKOR Admin Team <3  

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