Hormones' Hoax

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When Son Chaeyoung met the alluring Myoui Mina, she gradually found herself in an identity crisis.

Did she really bend after that kiss like her presumptous bestfriend, Kim Dahyun, said?

It was hard to tell whether it's just her hormones' hoax, or is it something deeper?


Second fanfic :)

Curious? Click next.

Let's see where this ff takes us.

Guys! I'm so thankful for yall :((( HH couldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for ü


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RuinedHeathens 0 points #1
Chapter 24: Woah, the character development and twists and humour of it all. Thank you dear author. The last stunt dahyun pulled was too much in both good and bad ways. Thank you so much for sharing your bundle of crazy and witty filled story with us. :)
PengusTigerCub #2
Chapter 13: Currently re-reading this! Really enjoying this story!
449 streak #3
Congrats on the feature!
37 streak #4
Chapter 24: bravo... bravooo... 98/100 great story
it would be 100/100 if you shut the damn dahyun bickering mouth lmao jk i love dahyunie XD
thank you for such a fun story ^^
Congrats on getting featured!
ommabear #6
Chapter 21: you made me cry my heart out. idk why im so affected by this.
Chapter 24: I binge-read this until 3 AM on a work night and finished catching up during my break, absolutely no ING REGRETS
Chapter 24: Why can't I upvote this enough? It's so good and kind of a hanger! I want more^^

Congrats on being featured!
congrats on the feature :)
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congrats on the feature! :)