He thought he was the only one who knows about his own past and memories.

He thought he was able to hide it from the world.

He thought that he was the only one who remembers his pain.

He just didn't know that there was someone else in this world who saw his past, his "story."

*  *  *  *  *  *


My first official NBin/ChaBin fanfic! *heartbeats loudly*

Most my readers probably suffered a long second lead syndrome because of my other fanfics for Hongbin (because I killed myself with it too), so I decided to make up for it and created this new story.

As per usual, there are elements of fantasy/fiction, emotional roller coasters, stupidity and my horrid grammars since English isn't my language but ~ I promise to give you a nice lengthy new fanfic of NBin/ChaBin.

Also, why are there so little NBin/ChaBin fanfics out there? ;_;



unWritten have finally come to an end, as always, there will be consistent revision of the story whenever I have time. So don't be too surprise if the next time you come back for a re-read, the story might seem a bit different. Just slightly though~

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Chapter 2: wow, this is amazing! First chapter and I'm already hooked up! Finally a good story!
79 streak #2
Chapter 51: This was so good <3
79 streak #3
Chapter 14: Can you believe this is a story that I'm currently hooked on? I don't wanna stop reading
79 streak #4
Chapter 2: Yep, this is a great story <3
Chapter 51: Thank you for the wonderful journey with Unwritten)
Dulanga #6
Chapter 51: This story is sooo soooo good.. I can't ask for more. Your words are always the best ❤
Hanisya #7
Chapter 51: I know I have asked about this but... isn't Hongbin's and Hakyeon' age gap quite big? Or I misunderstand something?
LilTae #8
This is definitely one of the best stories I've ever read. I'm very impressed by the whole universe and all the suprises and twists in the story. It made me cry and laugh too. Now I'm gonna take a look at your other works~ Reading this was pure pleasure! Thank you!
yuki_ira #9
Chapter 50: .woah....finally
.i'm happy cause finally i can see the end of this story but i kinda sad too because now i dont have anymore nbin story to read (i dont know why nbin is so rare)
.i hope you'll write another nbin story again....oe chasang maybe...kkkkk

.thank you for your hardwork all this time....see you in your next story ^_^
Akan-shi #10
Chapter 50: Thank you so much author for giving us such a beautiful and enchanting story. I will always be you subscriber and going to read all you future stories also, so plz write more and more! :-) :-)