The Devil's Bride


There have been rumors around about a shaman who has the magical ability to pull a person on the brink of death back to life. When the wonder of science failed both Park Soojin and her mother, she decided to place her faith in the rumors and seek out the infamous shaman. Out of wit's ends and desperation, Soojin agreed to a blood oath. Every magic comes with a price, and she was prepared to offer it. But what she wasn't prepared for was a marriage with the Devil. Soojin was never a believer in the folklore of devils and demons but is surprised when the Prince of Hell shows up to claim his bride.

Soojin unexpectedly finds herself married to the dark, handsome, and mysterious Prince Kai. As Soojin comes to the terms with her new husband and the fact that Hell is real, she soon discovers her unsettling ability to access the past and future. When Soojin starts getting haunted by a dark vision of Kai and a terrifying war, she sets on a journey to put an end to it and uncover the reason behind Kai's darkness and his terrifying powers. 

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