My Servant is a Firebender!?

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A war broke out 20 years ago between Firebenders and Waterbenders, Airbenders and Earthbenders. A war that took the lives of more Water, Air and Earth benders than Fire benders, but with the numbers 3:1, the fire benders lost and everyone that participated in the war on their and their families was executed. Soon fire bending was outlawed in every part of the world and anyone caught fire bending would be executed or worse, tortured to death. Firebending is now a serious crime because of the destruction it brings to the world.


"My prince, are you okay?"


"That's good."

"y-yeah...i think i am going to lie down."

"Of course my prince, please call for me if you need me."

'Is he really a firebender? Oh god i hope not.'

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