Hongbin has a major crush on a senior at his school, except he's too chicken to ask Hakyeon out. Being the great dongsaeng Hyuk is, he will definately help out his favorite hyung. 


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Chapter 1: Short n sweet
Chapter 1: aww sanghyuk is so outright :)
Velzonly #3
Chapter 1: Continue plss *begging on my knees* but angts... As long as it ended happily im ok with angts but pls happy ending pls
And OMG THIS WAS CUTE HAHAHAH hongbin is just omg too cute and protective taekwoon is LIFE
najaem-acorn #4
Chapter 1: Is the person behind N is Leo??
Chapter 1: Oh oh.. The progress so fast.. But nevermind.. It's good If u wanna make this story short tho hehehe..
And please continue.. I am curious that taekwoon have feeling to hakyeon actually..
vixxcha #6
Chapter 1: continue~~~~~~ please~~~~~^_^
Chapter 1: Please continue author!! I would love to read ur story bt plz don't forget to show some mercy on N in future... Because u r write angst....
LeeJi98 #8
Chapter 1: Me too I love protective Daegunnie too ><
Chapter 1: Please continue! I would love to read more ^^