Mine For A While (Taehyung, Jin, Yoon Gi & OC)

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There is nothing Tanya won't do for Jin. She secretly nurtures the hope that the one she adores will someday realize that nobody in the world could love him as much as she does. She patiently waits for the blessed day when their friendship finally turns into something more. Knowing she is not attractive enough to match his splendid dream boy looks, she makes up for it with unreserved devotion and takes care of all he needs so that his perfect self will not break a sweat. That’s why her world crashed when Jin suddenly introduces his new girlfriend who is everything Tanya is NOT… popular, wealthy and gorgeous! Heartbroken and devastated, she impulsively seeks the help of a stranger to recover her self-esteem. The unpredictable and utterly charming hero changes the rules of the game and shows Tanya that sometimes, in the darkest of days… happiness shines through and brightens up your life in the form of a boy with pink hair.


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0 points #1
Chapter 40: I can't love this story any less..thanks for every update sis!
kpopsterr 0 points #2
Chapter 37: So far i want to strangle KTH and throw him in the nearest trash pin
He went very low when he went with the sheri
etherealbbh 0 points #3
Chapter 40: Chapter 40: The story was indeed very beautiful and the narrating is great! Every chapter was interesting and nice. I sc-ed many lines and I can’t stop reading and reading them! Hands down to the author
Chapter 40: First let me check my list ... checked, checked ... can I skip the last item? Daddy Taehyung doesn’t sound too bad right now! Tee hee hee! Sorry Tanya, not my fault your man is sizzling hot.
Oh boy! Binsoon ROCKS! He cracks me up. His fist bump got me into a giggling fit. Then Totoro! The love of my life. Authornim, I have so many totoro shirts that it’s inappropriate! Now I want a Totoro mattress, with Suga in it. Taehyung is already taken and I’m no Song Shery. Can I have my Suga in the mattress please? *bats her eyelashes pleadingly* You’re the best authornim.
There were so many lovely lines. Can’t choose one, halmonie’s lesson about love brought tears to my eyes and Tanya has lost her mind and her ... just cracked me up and ... I’ve changed my already ^_^ sorry! Guilty.
Can’t wait for more.
Chapter 40: Holy shoot I’ve been binge reading this nonstop and I love your writing style.
sss101 #6
Chapter 40: I loveeee this chapter... Thid my 2nd time reading this, sorry I couldnt leave comment few days a go.
Tanya's appa is so cool kkk and eomma you should have faith on your daughter, dont worry they wont do it yet kkk
Thanks for the lovely chapter authornim :)
i thought only taehyung can drive me crazy.
but you...
you, authornim...

drive me crazy with ur talent
Chapter 40: Aww....hope we get to know what happens to Namjoon, Hoseok & Yoongi next chapter
Rainy_eyezz #9
Chapter 40: 1. Min Yoongi ,what happen to him?...