The Princess WeiYoung


After her country was annihilated, Princess XinEr takes on the identity of the murdered Li-WeiYang, an illegitimate daughter of Advisor Li of the kingdom Da Wei, in order to seek revenge for her deceased family and country. While acting as WeiYang, she is forced to overcome obstacles with her sharp mind to survive in a kingdom filled with people who want her dead. With enemies around every corner, WeiYang must find a way to keep her true identity hidden. When she meets the strong, kind, and handsome Prince TuoBa-Jun, she is faced with a question: How far will she let her need for revenge go, when her own happiness and chance at love is put at stake?

*Note: In Chinese, the princess is actually named “Li-WeiYang”, but due to translation differences, the English title was named “Li-WeiYoung.”


This is the English written adaptation of the Chinese Drama The Princess WeiYoung (锦绣未央) with slight changes to the original story. Some scenes and storylines were changed or omitted for length and clarity. No money is being made from this and all rights to the original owner.


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